Club and country

The weekend looms with no Sunderland game to watch, hear, look out for, etc……..and England need to win in Israel.

So what better time for a grand debate on Club vs Country to break out out on the Guardian’s Comment is Free web pages?

I am glad to say that Salut! Sunderland, or rather its editor/owner/nitpicker/office cleaner, has initiated that debate.

The essence of my argument is that while I feel happy enough when England win, the feeling – even for a big international – bears no comparison to the pleasure I get from any Sunderland victory. And it’s the same even if nothing much depends on our victory and everything depended on England winning.

If England lose, so be it. I’ll have forgotten by the morning. When Sunderland lose, it rankles for days (or, as in the case of Wimbledon away on the final day of our third last relegation season, or the Charlton play-off final a year later) FOR YEARS.

Whether you agree or think I’m barmy, get stuck into the debate, here or (by clicking on to the Club vs Country link above) at the Guardian site………..

2 thoughts on “Club and country”

  1. Not much joy for anyone in that bleak and unfriendly match with Israel. The Andorran team must have viewed the game with great interest and burgeoning confidence.

  2. I’ve just read your Guardian comment piece. I think Sunderland should honour you by naming a stadium or two after you. And somehow Leeds always lurks there. I didn’t much like the comment about it being funny that Leeds were languishing at the bottom. Your main point, though, is well made and I’ve always been more interested in the suffering of Leeds than some so-what England game; especially friendlies.

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