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E-mail traffic perked up yesterday with a great message from one Glenda Young, who in real life is Flaming Nora, the esteemed editor of a site devoted to goings on at Coronation Street.

Glenda is from Sunderland and, as you will see from the link above, ever on the look out for an excuse to plug her home town (sorry but I still think of it as a town, and one in County Durham at that).

She stumbled across Salut! Sunderland by chance while looking up Gina McKee , who is a little bit famous for being a great actress and even more so for having turned down the ultimate career break, a Celebrity Supporter interview with 5573/Wear Down South.

Of course, if Glenda had Googled “Wayne’s Dad”, that might have landed her here, too.

The man who graced Corrie as the Dad in question, Joe Simpson, Joe Bolton’s biggest fan and sharing Gina’s burden of hailing from Peterlee (someone has to come from there, though I admit you wouldn’t have thought two people had to) has had loads of exposure on this site.

I also vaguely remember another Coronation Street cast member who was a Sunderland fan. It definitely wasn’t Ena Sharples (Violet Carson), Elsie Tanner (Pat Phoenix) or Albert Tatlock (Jack Howarth), and I am fairly sure it cannot have been Sarah-Louise’s baby. No doubt Glenda, whose site’s main home is here, will put me right on that one.

Living in France, I don’t see much of the Street these days, though we had it at our flat in in Paris and Mme Salut!, though French, loves it (while loathing EastEnders).

But for now, I am pleased enough just to be spreading the word a little. And in case anyone thought I was waxing unduly lyrical over Bryan Talbot’s Alice in Sunderland, Glenda offers her own one-word review: Fantastic.

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  1. Pete is right. And there’s a good reason why my memory is/was vague….all to be revealed when I finally wrap up the Celeb series (while still seeking to add more stars)

  2. Is the other Corrie cast member that you ‘also vaguely remember…[as] a Sunderland fan’ possibly esteemed actor Glenn Hugill, of Darlington, who played policeman Alan McKenna 1997-8, and who is now better known off-camera as the Banker from Deal or No Deal and the producer of shows such as ‘The Mole’?

  3. And how contrite I am, in the company of a fellow ex-WDS contributor who is also an expert on a certain soap, to have to correct my references to cast members: Violet Carson for Ena S, Pat Phoenix for Elsie T. At least I got Albert right. RIP all three……..

  4. Small world indeed. It keeps on getting smaller. I also used to be a regular contributor to Wear Down South for a few months a couple of years ago!

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