Coming soon…….

The Celebrity Supporters series has come to an end for the second time.

Unless I have overlooked anything, all the original articles have now been posted to this site, mostly as originally published, and the wrap-up piece is about to appear.

Updates will continue to be added, and where significant changes result I will re-post the item so that it appears handily to be read again (or for the first time if you are new to the site).

And who knows? Other names are bandied about from time to time and one or two of these may yet produce follow up interviews for Salut! Sunderland.

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  1. Readers might be interested to know that as well as the celebs encountered in the Celebrity Supporters series, a number of other high-profile figures also support The Lads.
    These include Labour MP Hilary Armstrong, singer Tasmin Archer (who reached No. 1 in the Singles Charts in 1992 with ‘Sleeping Satellite’), Alex Kapranos (the lead singer of indie band Franz Ferdinand), footballer Chris Waddle, former Burnley manager Stan Ternent, cricketer Paul Collingwood, Australian Formula 1 driver Mark Webber, 400m runner Jared Deacon, film producer David Parfitt (who produced ‘Shakespeare in Love’ amongst others), darts player John Lowe, former The Tube and Top of the Pops producer Chris Cowey, and Sky Sports News presenter David Jones.
    Lyn Paul, singer with The New Seekers, also expressed a soft spot for the club after visiting Sunderland in panto season 1987/88 in an interview with the Sunderland Echo two years ago. Irish sprint hurdler Derval O’Rourke also follows The Lads, although mainly because of Roy Keane, and her compatriot, long-distance runner Sonia O’Sullivan, of course, courageously ran the Great North Run in a Sunderland top last year, eight years after drawing the half-time raffle at the Stadium of Light.
    Perhaps these could be the basis of the next series of Celeb Supporter interviews…

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