Fixtures and fittings: fixing and fitting them to Mr Murdoch’s taste)

So, then. A point at home to Arsenal on Sunday May 11 2008 and the championship should be ours.

Ok, we may also need to pick up a few points before then, starting with the opening game, against Arsenal’s north London rivals Tottenham and also at home, on August 11.

I am indebted to Mark Walton over at the Blackcats forum for the 2007-2008 list, which I discuss on the continuation page and can also be seen in full here.

But if you live a long way from Sunderland, or from the venue of that away game you’ve set your heart on attending, do not overlook the Murdoch factor. Think hard, therefore, before committing yourself to that EasyJet flight, cheap advance rail ticket or cast-in-stone day off from work/wife/whatever.

Several of these dates will change to suit the needs of television, and the changes will take absolutely no account of the interests (or pockets) of ordinary supporters.

That’s why our supporters found themselves having to get to Southampton for a 5.15pm kickoff on a Monday evening in April.

It’s manipulation of the fixtures list at its most cyncical, and leaves decent fans with feelings of contempt for the big business stranglehold on our game. But since it’s not going to stop happening any time soon, be prepared……

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Regular readers will know that this page previously contained the fixtures lst. A wise friend advsies me that the FA takes a singularly unsympathetic approach on such matters.

How a list of football games can be protected by fierce copyright rules – and with what moral justfication – is beyond me, and maybe Salut! Sunderland’s French domicile would be enough to fend off such an attack.

But life is too short! I will extend this posting to discuss the list – and maybe even set the list to music and post it on my folk site -but for now will exercise caution. the link on page one takes you to the list on the official SAFC site.

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