Sunderland: no longer a sleeping satellite

Just when you thought it safe to drop into Salut! Sunderland and find a celebrity-free zone, the editor springs another one on you.Tasminjohn

But no apologies, I am delighted to say that I have just had a terrific, hour-long chat with Tasmin Archer, a classy soul singer you may just bump into as you make your way to a seat in the West stand, where she’s a season ticket holder.

Watch this space for more on why she follows the Lads* – present for Carlos’s Burnley winner and also partying at Luton -and how she deals with such absurd questions as: “What was better, reaching No 1 in the charts with Sleeping Satellite or seeing Sunderland become champions?”

Pete’s suggestion of a new series of Celebrity Supporter interviews came a day or so after Tasmin and I had agreed a telephonic date. Who knows? More may follow………….

* The man in the photo, John Hughes, Tasmin’s musical and romantic partner, is the short answer to that particular “why”

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