Away the Lads, and a new Mackem lass

Away2After yesterday’s burst of nostalgia, let’s look forward to the new season.

Here’s a reminder of the new away top which some – most – of you will already have seen. Thanks to Boylesports, the club’s new sponsors, for the image, which gives me an excuse to draw your attention to the link to their own site and opportunities for the odd flutter.

As for John Penman, Sunderland fan and Salut! Sunderland reader/contributor, I can only think that he believes Boylesports may be thinking of adding baby clothes to our array of strips. After promising to provide pictures on his newborn, one Kristin, clad in SAFC togs, this is the result:Baby2

But at least she’s a new Mackem, albeit one born in Scotland…..we have yet to ascertain her views on the purchases of Michael Chopra and, imminently, of Kieran Richardson.

Another picture of Kristin, and another from the launch of the away shirt, appear overleaf (in the electronic sense)….



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