Don’t know much about geography

Picture: DarlaMack

The little Salut! empire is playing around with geography. It always fascinates me to look behind the scenes of my StatCounter register and see where my readers come from.

Some obviously arrive by accident and waste no time in speeding off into the sunset again. But others, wherever they start their cyber journey, land on this site because they are looking for something. I hope they find it here, just as I hope some of the casuals stick around, pleasantly surprised.

Now you can share my perusal of the origins of all those who are joining you day by day in reading about Sunderland AFC. It’s down at the bottom of the right hand column.

Since the country-by-country table began today, it does not reflect the traffic that has already been Salut! Sunderland‘s way, as you can see by a quick peek at the running total of “hits”.

I made such a fuss of 5,000 that I thought better of shouting from the hilltops about 10,000 but we’re now way beyond 12,000. Another competition looms, but maybe we’ll leave it until we near the 20,000 or 25,000 mark,.

Meanwhile, the country-by-country figures are meant to be the aggregate for the whole group – ie, the total number of people visiting Salut!, Salut! Sunderland and Salut! Live. We will see tomorrow whether that is the case – StatCounter puts today’s total roughly twice as high……

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