Roy Keane and the great transfers debate (1)

For most Sunderland fans, I imagine, Roy Keane will have struck exactly the right tone with his comments about our modest returns – so far – in the transfer market.

Read the quotes for yourself, but he urged impatient supporters to “chill out and relax”, spoke of ongoing negotiations to bring in more people, including names to excite the fans, and suggested that despite disappointment that the David Nugent bid led nowhere, anyone thinking SAFC was “hanging our hat on him” was sorely mistaken.

Keano’s reassurance adds to the debate raging wherever Sunderland fans meet, face to face on via the internet. I have asked two contributors to the Blackcats discussion group to repeat or expand on views expressed there for the benefit of Salut! Sunderland readers (of whom there have been more than ever over the past 24 hours – shows what a reference on the mighty Ready to Go SMB forum can do).

In the first, and all the way from his American home, Mark Hanson* delivers a kick up the collective backside of moaners (I was among those he listed, though I think I have been even-handed in my comments to date).

Click for the continuation page to read Mark’s views:

Over the past weeks, I have read negative comments from Sunderland fans unimpressed by the quality of signings for the clubs as well as the lack of other big-name signings.

Can I just remind supporters that Keane bought the right players in one day (later supplemented in January) to get us out of the Championship.

He’s had a lot more time to think about who he wants to take us to the next step in the Premiership and he’s prepared to bide his time to get the right players with quality and character. There’s the stumbling block.

And I for one am happy he is holding his ground. Nugent can go to feck as far as I’m concerned.

There has been a massive change in circumstances since Drumaville took over just a year ago – with all the extra money from new rich owners swilling around the Premier League now.

In fact, Quinn himself said he doubts he could have convinced the consortium to do this year what they did last.

The market might have changed but the drive of Quinn and Keane has not. It’s early days. We’ll get there with Quinn and Keane leading us.

I honestly don’t believe we would be relegated this coming season if it started tomorrow and we had to make do with what we’ve got. Edwards for one, is going to have a great season.

In the meantime, I’m happy with the quality of the players we’re linked to. I think we’ll see the signings people want starting to happen over the next couple of weeks, if not days. And if we don’t get everyone we want before the season starts, we’ll see a flurry of activity in January.

Please, trust the men at the top. We wouldn’t be here without them. We have the best chairman in the land and the best up-and-coming manager on the planet. Things have never been this bright in tens of years of following Sunderland. Support Quinn and Keane. They’re going to do us right.

Keep the bliddy faith.

* Mark on Mark: “Part of the sensible Geordie brotherhood – Red and White Geordie from Shields (please don’t refer to Sunderland supporters as mackems!). Started going regularly in 1970. Been to every Wembley appearance except 1937. I hope to see many more at the New Wembley – why is that not in the middle of the country?
Lived in the States the last 20 years but still fly back for games. Last season took my son for his first game (we’d followed them on the two N. American tours but that doesn’t really count). It was the 3-2 home win over Burnley. On return, his mother asked him what it was like. “Mam! It was brilliant!. I could scream as loud as I wanted and still not hear myself.” Another convert to the cause.

2 thoughts on “Roy Keane and the great transfers debate (1)”

  1. I think we have to have faith in our manager here.What he did last season was get the right men for the job, men he knew would fit in to the team and at the right time and price.We should and cannot be seen to be an easy touch for some mercinary looking to top up his pension, we can leave that to the skunks 12 miles up the road, but by putting our faith in RK I am sure he will deliver.He most certainly did last season.

  2. Be patient. How many clubs have signed the players they want yet? It’s either the top end of the market (Torres, Hargreaves, Bent etc.), the guttersnipes that no sane fan wants (Barton, Bellamy) or the rubbish types that poor old Mick had to settle for two years ago (Bramble,Alliadiare, Earnshaw). Is there any sane person who doesn’t believe that Keane will get more or less who and what he wants. Sometimes we delude ourselves that everyone wants to play for us. They don’t – but we have a better chance now than ever before. Rebuilding the clubs image after two catastrophic relegations will take time.

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