We’re off……….Ha’way the Lads

Well, the proof of the pudding is about to be served……….

I am writing this in advance of today’s exciting, and desperately nervous, debut back in the Premiership.

Yes, I’ll be there, provided the arrangements for a crazy weekend return to the UK hold up. And so will Pete Sixsmith; please bear in mind it can be a lot easier – for obvious reasons – for me to get Sixer’s Sevens up when I am NOT at the game than when I am.

So Pete’s verdict will appear, but I cannot say exactly when.

Something else should appear online today with more certainty: a new SAFC website called hawaythelads . The man behind it, Andy Dawson, has also written a book, due out in September on the Quinn/Keane/Drumaville revolution. It’s called An Irish Uprising: How Keano and the Mighty Quinn Saved Sunderland and promises to be a stonking read.

As for the site, Andy tells me it is tipped to become, as part of a network featuring various clubs around the country, the third biggest football sites in the UK after the BBC and Sky. “We shall see,” he wisely adds, sensing that Salut! Sunderland is not yet quaking in its boots.

There’s yet another link, and yet another opportunity – the sort that will appeal to those who, like, me bought their bricks at the Stadium of Light.

There is a MySpace site where readers can “claim” there own player, past or present.

A lot have gone already – I nabbed Charlie Hurley, but had Johnny Crossan as a standy – but I think you will find Bob Lee and Gareth Hall are both still available.

Ha’way the Lads indeed. Let’s hope we’re all smiling broadly by the time today’s proper kickoff games are under way…………and confound the pundits, the Indie’s included (yesterday’s paper, which I just opened), who think the ebst we can hope for is fourth bottom.

2 thoughts on “We’re off……….Ha’way the Lads”

  1. Thanks for the mention Colin. Just to let you know that the launch of the website has been delayed until Monday 13th. There was a few gremlins in the messageboard which are being sorted out.
    Amazing result yesterday. Our fitness and ability to keep going right till the very end won us the three points which we probably didn’t deserve.

  2. Who’s writing Roy’s scripts? Whoever it is deserves a feckin Oscar. Last-gasp goal snatching victory from the jaws of a draw. The TV companies showing so many of Sunderland’s matches must be rubbing their hands with glee.

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