Ian Porterfield RIP

It is reported that Ian Porterfield has died after a long battle against cancer of the colon. This was an illness he bore with great fortitude, continuing with real passion to the last few weeks of his life to run the Armenian national football team. He was 61, and died in a hospice in Surrey.

Everyone remembers Monty’s saves in the 1973 FA Cup triumph over Leeds United at Wembley. They would have counted for nothing had it not been for Ian’s winning goal.

Salut! Sunderland extends deep sympathy to Ian’s family and friends, and will return to this sad news tomorrow.

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  1. The children of Ferryhill and Chilton in County Durham have a lot to blame Ian Porterfield for. But for his glorious Wembley moment it is quite likely that I woukd have either left the teaching profession or moved on from Ferryhill. Instead, basking in the glory of winning the FA Cup I decided to stay in the job and the area and inflict pain and torture on these kids for 30+ years. His goal got me through a difficult first years teaching and I never get tired of seeing it. I have just shown it to my 14-15 year olds and they have enjoyed seeing football from a bygone era. Ian’s name lives on and Sunderland fans will never forget him. Thanks.

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