Not fade away

Bring on some more moments like thisGoalvspurs

Salut! Sunderland is about to acquire an even stronger international flavour.

By early next week, the site’s French sojourn will be at an end. I will be back in the UK and, having taken in Blackburn at home and Arsenal away, must scuttle off to the Middle East for a new job.

Anyone interested in knowing more can look up an item running at my main site, Salut!, from which there is a further link to a Guardian media report on my future movements.

There is no plan to close down Salut! Sunderland. We do not enjoy RTG or ALS levels of support, but the interest is strong and growing and it would be a crying shame to turn our backs on that now.

With friends back home lending a helping hand, I will make time to keep the site alive and lively.

And much more important, Ha’way the Lads at Boro tomorrow.

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