Our man at West Ham isn’t coming back: Christmas here early

When we first had George McCartney, I liked him.

A long way short of perfection, but good going forward and not too bad defending. Decent left backs are hard to find so Ringo or Lennon or Stella, or whatever he was called, was a welcome asset.

Off he went to West Ham.

That was also fine by me. At Upton Park, he became a much-loved fixture. Until we bought him back. At considerable expense. He was dogged by injury but never seemed capable, even when fit, of re-creating the past form he had enjoyed at our place and for the Hammers.

Now he is back at the Boleyn, on loan. Someone must have speculated that Martin O’Neill might want to recall him.

To which McCartney’s response, to Sky Sports, is:

I haven’t spoken to the new manager.

To be honest, before I agreed to come to West Ham, it was decided that my contract would be left to run out in the summer and sorted out at the end of the season.

So there is no chance of a call back and no chance of me ever going back to Sunderland.

Salut! Sunderland wishes the lad well. We’d quite like to hear what it is about the East End air that brings out the best in him. But from our point of view, sighs of relief all round!

9 thoughts on “Our man at West Ham isn’t coming back: Christmas here early”

  1. Like all players, they need to have players around them that work together and have team spirit, if there is one thing lacking in Sunderland under Steve Bruce, it commraderie?

    Martin O’Neill, so close to being West Hams manager only 10 months ago, will return that team ethos, in the meantime, Linda is better off at West Ham, where a team spirit exists…

  2. I think McCartney has done well at West Ham. He is 100 times better than Illunga and we was in dire need for a left back, so I was happy when I heard that he has joined.

    He has got 2 assists so far this season, but admittedly a majority of his crosses into the box are poor. Although saying that he is solid defensively and I hope he continues to stay at West Ham and add that extra depth to our squad.

  3. His domestic situation brought him back to Sunderland and then a change in that took him back to the land of pie and mash, Pearly Kings and clubs owned by pornographers.

  4. Been steady for us, very decent in fact. Must be something to do with the North east he don’t like. Mind you..You lot though Anton was the mutts nuts when you bought him..lol………….

  5. In my opinion McCartney was an extremely average player who we did well to get 1M for when he left the first time. I was completely incredulous when Keane handed over five or six times that amount for him. He’s one of those players that I can honestly say I’ve never seen have a decent game for us.

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