Salut! Sunderland’s Week: this column has been sent to Coventry

There really is no need for a review of the week today.

All the busy reader of Salut! Sunderland, who gets here only once in a while, needs to do is visit the home page – – and take a look at the six most recent articles all displayed there and available for further scrutiny.

That, as indicated by the little house ad that has been popping up here a lot lately, is by far the best way to experience this site.

I am thrilled when people come here following a specific link. But it is highly likely that the posting in question is all they will then see. In contrast, the home page offers the full works, or at least the introductions to everything we’ve been up to in the past week or two.

But if you must have a guide to the week’s big event, go directly to Pete Sixsmith’s controversial article: Goodbye to Coventry? With any luck …

Goodbye meant goodbye to the Football League. Pete would be happy to see successive relegations for the team that unfairly relegated us hundreds of years ago. Coventry fans came here in droves, mostly having misread the piece as calling for the club’s liquidation, for which he did not call though it is fair to say many SAFC supporters of a certain age would be happy to see that, too.

It was an odd way to see 100+ comments attracted by a single posting – the figure would have been higher had I allowed through some of the unpublishable foul-mouthed bile that came in from a minority of Sky Blues fans – but we had a lively, if ill-tempered, old debate for all that.

From Jim's Facebook page
Otherwise? Lots more – including a great “Who are You?” from Jim White, an avid Swansea fan – but follow that home page link!

And Ha’way the Lads against Jim’s team and anyone else.

Monsieur Salut
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