Sixer’s Sevens: Chelsea 1 SAFC 0 – if only we’d had a striker

This is where Pete Sixsmith captures the glory and shame, hope and despair, excitement and ennui of the Sunderland matchday experience. When, rarely, Pete is absent or delayed, a supersub does it for him and the seven-word verdict is preceded by an asterisk. Pete’s full analysis of the game will usually appear within a day or two.

M Salut left it too late for a ticket and made do with the excellent Benno and Barnes on BBC Radio Newcastle as Chelsea took an early first-half lead (was it really a lucky rebound off Lampard’s back after Torres hit the bar?), Sunderland were denied a strong penalty shout and McClean, Gardner and Bendtner missed three of a string of good chances to equalise. It sounded a decent, encouraging and threatening performance while again demonstrating a lack of punch up front.

The full Sixer’s Sevens archive – see link below – sums up what all Sunderland supporters feel, from darkest gloom to sublime elation, in the words one who is usually there …

Jan 14 2012 Chelsea (1) 1 SAFC (0) 0 * Fine performance not reflected in the score

Jan 8 2012 FA Cup 3rd round: Peterborough United 0 (0) SAFC 2 (0) No banana skin as Posh pushed over

Jan 3 2012 Wigan Athletic (0) 1 SAFC (1) 4 Merrily we roll along as Wigan destroyed

Jan 1 2012 SAFC (0) 1 Manchester City (0) 0 An absolutely incredible win. O’Neill is god

Dec 26 2011 SAFC (1) 1 Everton (0) 1 Wind and Webb deny us a win

Dec 21 2011 Queens Park Rangers (0) 2 SAFC (1) 3 Deserved to win despite mad ten minutes

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2 thoughts on “Sixer’s Sevens: Chelsea 1 SAFC 0 – if only we’d had a striker”

  1. Whilst we are down in Londinium Can we please send Bentner home, and see if we can get someone who knows what roll feet play and their association with the ball in a game of FOOT-BALL.
    I was under the impression he has a FOOT-BALL pedigree but once again am left asking myself ‘Why didnt he get a game in London’ and ‘How the hell did he miss that’ The answers provided today was once again obvious.
    As for the game, We did well and when I see the goal on telly I am sure I shall say ‘Flukey Sods’ but over all no complaints, other than Dowd (again) and missed opportunities (again).

  2. Not much you can say about the goal, other than poor marking. had Torres been book for his first piece of ‘simulation’ with O’Shea then the second was a red, except I forgot the ref is Dowd so advantage home team, unless your not in the ‘Big Six’.

    Sessegnone was class, Terry should have been in the book for going through him from behind twice, but the ref ios Dowd.

    Stone wall penaltyto Sunderland, but the ref is Dowd.

    Still had we taken our chances the a draw would have been a fair result. It was interesting to see Big Boy Mata complaining to the ref because he got tackled, next time we raelly must show more respect.

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