A Premier League map: do not end up in Newcastle or Stoke

The killing of Marie Colvin in Syria has left her confrère Monsieur Salut in reflective mood for much of the day.

I meant to post something about the 2-0 win for the Reserves over Birmingham City – well done, Lads – but didn’t. I wondered about posting photographs showing off the respective charms of Sunderland and Saint-Etienne – you won’t thank me for another reminder but click here if you need one – but couldn’t be bothered.

So service today has been sluggish.

But in case all of us, and not just me, need cheering up, here is a spot of fun dreamed up by a friend of John Penman’s. John is a Sunderland-supporting weatherman and can often be encountered in the East Stand concourse on matchday, after a long trip from Scotland.

I love this map. Newcastle United and Stoke City fans, along with a few others, may not though Mags returning next week will find plenty to interest them ahead of the derby … see whether you reach Sunderland as quickly as did my informant and frequent stand-in editor, Joan Dawson (“took me straight there …”) …

Monsieur Salut

9 thoughts on “A Premier League map: do not end up in Newcastle or Stoke”

  1. Only problem is the answer leading to S*nderland “do big crowds scare you” The answer leading to S*nderland should be yes as you haven’t filled your ground yet. BTW I agree with the Toon one. 🙂

    • Predictable, unimaginitive comeback from a Newcastle fan. No capacity to think about economy or catchment areas, or think objectively at all really.

      48’000 capacity is probably too ambitious to fill with certain situations. Lend us a few towns up that way and we may be able to add few thousand on. You may have a point (not really) if we had crowds like Wigan, or like most of the premier league in fact. I think we over achieve on that front. It’s terribly sad that having a bigger crowd than another club, who also gets respectable crowds, is all yopu have on us. Boy don’t you wear it out.

      • 🙂 Are you going to apply for the job of proof reader of the banners that frustrated Mags display outside of the ground formerly known as?

        I notice that Ashley’s minions wouldn’t give the Sid James’ Park signage to Alnwick Town to display outside of their ground but said that they are keeping it in storage. What’s that all about then?

        Good news of sorts – some local lads came to Alnwick’s rescue and made them the necessary letters. In some kind of Fawlty Towers scenario I think it would be good if every week the letters were moved about a bit. I’ll start by suggesting ET SPARKS JAM

  2. AM a bit annoyed that yesterday the rumour was Sessegnon to Arsenal for £20,000,000. Now today it is to Liverpool for £8,000,000.
    Sess should not be sold for less than £40,000,000.
    If Andy Carroll is worth £35,000,000 and Fernando Torres £50,000,000. In fact make that £75,000,000 for Sess.
    A Nod Is as Good as a Wink.
    The value of Stephane Sessegnaon must be going UP, not down.

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