Forget Man City and United: guess who is really top of the league

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Click on the image of the Premier League table, or scroll down, for a better look and you’ll see what I mean.

Who needs to plug the striker gap with the January mix of last-payday, legs-gone chancers and roving mercenaries? We’ve now got goals throughout the team, and we’ve got Fraizer back.

Thanks to Sam from Golbox for overcoming his temporary grief as a Hammers fan, after that 5-1 tonking at Ipswich, to draw my attention to this calculation of the league Since O’Neill. Apart from the negative pleasure of us staying up when Newcastle went down, I haven’t felt as good about a league table since we were virtually safe by Christmas under Peter Reid.

Both Manchester United and Manchester City still have us to play. Spurs, too, must visit the Stadium of Light. They must be quaking in their boots. And memo to Asamoah: wouldn’t you have loved to be part of it?

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7 thoughts on “Forget Man City and United: guess who is really top of the league”

  1. Well Martin is not letting all this go to his head,and is keeping his feet well and truly on the ground.In fact it sounds like he is preparing for the inevitable drop in performances

    “”I am also mindful of the fact that we have a distance to go to make sure we get those extra points on the board.

    “While the eighth position seems pretty decent, it is not something I have always concerned myself about.

    “You just try to keep the momentum going, which will be important because if you lose it, then you don’t know where it comes from again.”

    ………comes with being a Sunderland fan I guess.

  2. At the match last night I was thinking that it’s these times that make sitting through the 15 point season worthwhile. 19 points out of 9 games – fantastic. Let’s hope Sessegnon, Gardner etc will be enjoying things so much they’ll want to stay.

  3. Remember Tom Watt in last year’s Arsenal v SAFC “Who are You?”. It’s long but I will quote it in full:

    “We are just privileged to have the fella around the place. This guy has completely changed expectations, everything has changed with him. We have the best stadium in Britain, we are the most attractive team in Britain and have had the highest achievements for the longest period in history. There’s a fantastic training ground, the only business model in English football that makes sense – everyone else is just making it up as they go along – and for someone who has been watching them as long as I have, talk of not winning a major trophy for five years is just a bit wearing. When we won the Inter City Fairs Cup in 1970, it was the first trophy they had won since 1953. I take a longer term view that a lot of supporters and certainly longer than the 24 hour news services.
    You are very lucky if you have one great manager who has given your club an identity and seen it take a massive step forward, so we are very lucky indeed to have had not one but two: Herbert Chapman in the late 20s and early 30s and now Arsène Wenger.
    To be honest, anyone who is not a fan of Wenger’s is an idiot. Just take a deep breath and look at is achievements, how many trophies we have won even if you don’t think we are going to win any this season, next season or the one after. Anyone not completely swept up in the 24 hour news cycle would look at what he has done as absolutely unbelievable. Anyone who does not see him as an incredibly significant figure not just in our history but in English football is either an idiot or knows nothing about football. Go ahead and not like him for this reason or that, but not to respect and admire his achievements is sheer foolishness. Anyone would be happy to pay £1,500 for a season ticket to watch that sort of football and it is down to Arsène as well as others that we have this the unique business model that makes us the only sustainable football club in this country.”

  4. I have been monitoring the Arsenal blogs as my boss is a Gooner, there has been a lot of negativity on all of them with calls for AW to go, that really is quite a turn around as most Gooners considered him to be a genious at the start of the season.

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