From Stoke to Sunderland, Burnley to Peterborough, here’s to the travelling fans

Martin O’Neill said it:

It’s delightful to get the three points on the board as they are very important to us and it’s a great win for all of the fans who travelled down to watch us play.

We have given them something to cheer about on the way home.

“Eric”, in a comment, said it:

Would just like to say how much I admire each and every one of our supporters who made (and are probably still making) the return trip to Stoke today. God alone knows what time they will get home. I remember going to Stoke one year (possibly early 80s?) and finding that whilst a couple of thousand fans had made it through the snow the team bus was stranded somewhere on the A1. Game Off. Safe journey home to all.

Salut! Sunderland‘s own Pete Sixsmith, along with fellow members of the Durham branch of the SAFCSA and doubtless hundreds more, is – as I write, with Match of the Day due to kick off in 20 minutes – still living it:

7.02pm (two hours and a bit after the match ended at the Britannia):

Near Nantwich. Still off motorway. Worth it though.


On M62 now, But there’s been an accident so more delays. The joy of football!


Not home yet. Near Leeds. Met some Peterborough fans at Hartshead Moor who had taken four hours to get there form Burnley.

M Salut!’s lesson, for football to learn:

Treat these people with respect. Without them, the game dies.

Monsieur Salut

10 thoughts on “From Stoke to Sunderland, Burnley to Peterborough, here’s to the travelling fans”

  1. Jarvis was fine, but he does not do photos. However, he did gnaw at my hand when I patted him on the head – or was that Billy?

  2. Real dedication once again from our supporters – a great effort. Could hear them all through the game, and yes, Gary Bennett’s celebration came across loud and clear on MOTD. Shearer, by contrast, was very quiet, especially when Lineker referred to our recent form

  3. To quote another of your brother’s texts, Mike, Jarvis was there “wearing a coat”. Pete’s final text – “Home!” – arrived at 11.58pm

  4. I did hear on the Radio Newcastle phone in that Jarvis was at the game. Is this true? I am trying to make him a cult hero as I travel around the country. Pleased to hear the fans making such a racket at the game. Also heard Gary Bennett’s ‘ Goaaaalllllll’ on the MOTD commentary, hasn’t he got a loud voice.!

  5. You and many others? Can you name… three? I doubt it. You obviously haven’t been keeping up with my posts, Mark. Nor did you read that one properly. I never ever turned my back and I’ve explained more than once since why I discovered it wasn’t as easy as I thought to stop caring as much (which is not the same as turning your back).
    Don’t shake your head too hard – it’ll drop off. But no great loss.

    • Well, Tom Lynn for one. A far better supporter than you. Someone who has stuck with the club through all the thin without publicly walking away, as you did.
      I’ve picked my head up and plopped it back on. Like I said, no animosity. Glad that you’re back supporting The Lads but what you did was so very wrong. Hope youve learned A lesson. Welcome back. Hope we continue to be successful for you.

    • Reality, eh? The irony. Sorry, Bill, but I and many others can never take any of your comments seriously after you publicly turned your back onThe Lads last year. No animosity. Just shook my head at your embarrassing statements.

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