The Salut! Sunderland Podcast: the Fulham one that nearly got away

Mea culpa, penitent stool, abject apologies … guess what we clean forgot to post last week?

Our much-feted podcast duo, Stephen Goldsmith and Gareth Barker, meant to send Monsieur Salut the file but didn’t. M Salut, weighed down by work and domestic duty, neglected to chase them.

What’s the point, you may well now ask, of carefully bolting the stable door long after the horse has had time not only to bolt but to live out its life and end up in someone’s pure beef lasagne?

Well, the point is completeness. Each edition of Wise Men Say, as the podcast is also known, has been flagged here with onward links to hear the thing itself at Soundcloud. The pre-Fulham one should be no exception and we will just have to live with the fact that the game it previewed has been and gone.

You should find plenty of interesting, timeless chatter all the same. Let Gareth introduce it:

It’s good to be back.
Caught up on the wave of excitement that comes before the start of every new season, this effort proves to be a bumper edition. Nearly an hour of Sunderland ramblings for your ears.

Steve and I have been really looking forward to getting stuck in again and we’d like to think the latest edition of Wise Men Say is a solid effort.

On this edition of the podcast:

• some friends of Salut!’s, Roker Report, provide us with a couple of guests in the form of Craig Clark and Luke Bowley

• we are joined by an occasional Salut! contributor Philip Mison who provided great insight on his club, Fulham

• we preview (!)
the Fulham encounter and discuss the summer’s transfer activity

• all of us get far too excited about Jozy Altidore

• we hear from Paolo Di Canio and his expectations for the season.

Goldy puts far too much emphasis on the importance of one game as only he can.

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  1. Bardsley’s actions mean there is a complete breakdown in trust between himself and his employer. As our Chief Exec is a Lawyer who specialised in Employment Law, we should charge Bardsley with Gross Misconduct and sack him. I know we would not then receive a transfer fee but that would be minimal now. At least we would save on his weekly wages. Terminate his contract now. He has no defence if he sent the message.

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