The Wearside Roar: a challenge to lazy pundits predicting the drop

Buy it at the Salu! Sunderland Amazon link. See footnote*
Buy it at the Salu! Sunderland Amazon link. See footnote*

Monsieur Salut has been badgering Tom Lynn for as long as he can remember to write for Salut! Sunderland. He does, often, but only in comments, the quality of which is always from the top drawer. So to further the process of arm-twisting, and remembering Tom (when he ran the excellent, much-missed magazine The Wearside Roar) was once M Salut’s editor, we promote this, his latest comment to proper article status. Ha’way Tom, join the team …

Just read Paolo Di Canio 2000 autobiography whilst on me jollies.

If he fails at SAFC, you feel it will not be for the want of trying. An excellent, non airbrushed read. All associated with SAFC should read it- fans, staff and players alike.

I pray that Paolo does well because this close season revolution has been needed at SAFC for decades now-we have been a rest home for far too many over paid underachievers for too long, and PDC knew this from the outset when he first arrived and said how does a club with such support and facilities never even try and compete to win things, noting our pathetic home tie cup exits last season to Championship sides Boro and Bolton.

To all these lazy national media “experts” and their fawning editors [yawn] who cannot get their tongues out of the backsides of Man U, Man City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool and Spurs for long enough to take a proper, analytical look at what has happened at SAFC this summer and are tipping us for relegation, I would say come up and talk to Paolo and let him explain what he is attempting to do on Wearside.

We may have to go through a learning curve, but tipping us to be go down come May 2014 is more of a hope for many of them as opposed to reality.

I think we’ll be sharing Millwall’s “no-one likes us we don’t care” moniker this coming season!

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Posed by Adam Johnson, kindly supplied by SAFC
Posed by Adam Johnson, kindly supplied by SAFC

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Posed by John O'Shea, kindly supplied by SAFC
Posed by John O’Shea, kindly supplied by SAFC

11 thoughts on “The Wearside Roar: a challenge to lazy pundits predicting the drop”

  1. I think there’s a risk of overdoing the siege mentality. We’re liked by many neutral fans as we’re perceived as being passionate without the lunacy of some clubs. The clubs who are universally disliked (Leeds, Millwall) have worked hard to earn their reputation as being tragic losers with a sense of over-importance. We’re a middling Premiership club with a bonkers manager. Hardly the stuff of us v the world

  2. Excellent stuff Tom.There’s no doubt there is a lot of ill-feeling towards Paolo and clearly a coterie of failed ex-managers exists.It might end belly-up but as we were already dead in the water it makes little difference.Bring on the season and if it is us against the world I know whose side I’m on.Most of what Paolo’s done so far we’ve been crying out for. Ha’way!

  3. It would be good to see the back of arrogant Lawrenson. As well as talking shite his attempts at humour are pathetic and when he does that very sloooooow blink of the eyes while he’s saying something “profound”…grrrrr!!

  4. We did commit the ultimate sin in the old boys network eyes of sacking two of their favourite sons in Bruce and O’Neill .The broadcasting media is dominated by ex pros and woe betide any team that points out their failings.Everyone remembers Bruce doing the rounds peddling he’s tripe about being sacked because of he’s ” geordie roots” and that being accepted without question with he’s hopeless win record never getting a mention. O’Neill’s sacking was unfathnerable according to the likes of Trevor Francis, how would they like to watch their team dying a slow death? In their eyes we’re only Sunderland and why should we expect anything more? Well we do and hopefully we might just get it . By the way Mark Lawernson has got the push from MOTD , expect cries of injustice from the usual suspects, we know who they are.

  5. I am sure PDC will try his utmost,he does not seem to have any other way of operating.

    That said we have seen all this before with Roy Keane and Peter Reid and, dare I say it, Martin O Neill.

    Who could have been more focussed, more dedicated,more experienced than Roy Keane?he did great for two seasons only for things to fall away in the third.
    Reidy was more successful but the wheels came off that little spell too.

    Maybe we put too much on individual manager’s shoulders.The club and supporters have their role in this too.
    I know Roy had a moan about this and though I do not agree with him entirely I think he has a point.We cannot expect one man to make all the running.If we keep failing to succeed we cannot just keep blaming the mangers

    • ” All political careers end in failure ” and so do most in football management.
      It seems to me that most of them don’t think like managers, so it is not surprising that so many fail.
      The last three SAFC managers cannot complain about the financial and other support that they have received. I think that each brought about their own downfall as a result of crass decisions regarding the appointment of their coaching and scouting staff, generally poor player selection and recruitment, and, in the case of Bruce and O’Neill, hopeless, antiquated tactics.
      It always baffles me that people who have achieved everything in their playing career, can make such hopeless judgements [ about football and footballers ] when they become managers. Some appear to have learnt nothing even though they may have spent years playing for people as successful as Ferguson and Clough.
      If the manager gets good support, financial and otherwise, the buck does stop with him/her. They choose the players, supervise coaching and tactics and deal with motivation.
      Sports management is ultimately about results, and unfortunately dosen’t give much time for long term planning. It is the ability to keep achieving results, whilst at the same time building for the future, that sets
      people like Clough, Shankly, Busby, Ferguson etc apart.
      I am praying that PDC can join that small exclusive band.

    • On a five min break from the 34 degrees heat in Ibiza…

      Had to reply to this. Roy Keane talked the talk but ultimately, as he graced the training ground with his presence two or three times a week, didn´t talk the talk.

      Paolo lives and breathes SAFC at present.

  6. “We may have to go through a learning curve, but tipping us to be go down come May 2014 is more of a hope for many of them as opposed to reality.

    I think we’ll be sharing Millwall’s “no-one likes us we don’t care” moniker this coming season!”

    That, for me, is a perfect summation!

  7. Tipping us to go down!!!!.

    All you have to do is spot the ex Journal and Chronicle men infesting the sports pages of the national papers especially the freelancers.

    They’ve always damned Sunderland with faint praise or took delight in providing provocative copy.

    You would have thought that having left the North-East they would have become more open-minded.

    We wait with bated breath for the exclusives featuring the thoughts of the released players about the PDC regime.
    Those who felt betrayed or were never given a chance——poor souls!! With the strap-line that the club will be relegated without them.

    Maybe a Titus Bramble type expose—–you know the kind which criticises and seeks to undermine the club that stood by him during trials and other brushes with the law.

    Most sports reporters are there because that’s the level they gravitate to as journalists -we’ve got to live with it!


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