Bally’s Backchat: pleasing performance against The Posh

Malcolm Dawson writes: We have become used to our various managers’ post match e-mails focusing on the positives in defeat. After a weekend of turmoil caretaker boss Kevin Ball takes care to emphasise the positives in victory and in stark contrast to his recently departed predecessor, picks out one or two individuals for special praise. Of course when Ellis Short invites the men in charge to clear their desks he insists that M Salut’s personal e-mail address is left in a prominent position so that he doesn’t miss out on the immediate post match reaction. Here’s what Bally had to say after a professional display that may have lacked the drama of the previous round but one which sees us safely in the draw for the next …

Jake's own three-word verdict: 'Ooh, Bally, Bally'
Jake’s own three-word verdict: ‘Ooh, Bally, Bally’

Dear Colin,    

In terms of the game itself I though we approached it very well.

We were aware how well Peterborough have been doing and we wish them all the best for the future; good luck to them, I thought they were very effective in what they did tonight.

From our point of view, I thought we played some good football.

People in general moved the ball nicely and the chances we created were there for everybody to see, the only thing from my point of view is that you want to see them hit the back of the net.

Finally one did, and then another – but even then Peterborough still kept coming at us so we still had to make sure we remained professional.

It was a really enjoyable game – I enjoyed it and I think the lads did as well.

We knew we needed to create an atmosphere tonight, we needed to give the fans something to get behind and I felt that the players did that.

One or two individuals really pushed the team on and there were some great performances.

[Valentin] Roberge popped up with a fantastic header, it was an awesome ball in and a great header – it was nice to see everyone enjoying it as much as they did.

The ball that Lee [Cattermole] put in for the goal was absolutely fantastic; he got in some great pockets and almost went close to scoring himself.

All the Best

Kevin Ball

3 thoughts on “Bally’s Backchat: pleasing performance against The Posh”

  1. Supporting Safc….AND born in Peterlee

    Obviously made of tough stuff

    The buses in London used to say “Peterlee, the place to be”

    Take solace you are one of many ie those from that part of East Durham who keep the faith

  2. It seems Kev Ball has his head in the right place.
    Lower league opposition, I am happy that Cattermole is back in the frame. I am a small fan of him (his defensive work against Man City for 2 years was wonderful).
    Also nice to see that Colback is playing well.

    We need the likes of Cattermole and Colback in our team. Local lads and I hope Adam Johnson joins them to put a solid North East spine in the team that the other guys can see and join in with.

    Not getting carried away, Peterboro & Leicester are closest to me geographically and I know we have no decent Premier teams here. Birmingham is my best bet for live games.

    Said it before and will say it again, I think Cattermole is one of our best players.

    • About me. Born in Peterlee, my Grandad, was a total Sunderland guy, and I followed him. I was at Roker Park as a kid on quite a few occasions (as my dad liked to support my passion for football). I was also (due to a family relocation a visitor to Ayresome Park. So I like North East teams, especially Sunderland, next Middlesbrough, and then a passing interest in them.

      My cousin is a Mag, and it burns me to the ground that he is. Even one of my sons is a Mag. Life is not always kind as a Sunderland supporter. My workmate supports Arsenal, and does not understand what I have been through seeing my team fall during the last 20 odd years.

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