Podcast! West Brom reviewed, Paolo removed, Liverpool previewed

I can see clearly now the fool has gone, says Jake
I can see clearly now the fool has gone, says Jake

Just another quiet week then? Stephen and I got back in the studio to run the rule over more turbulence at the Stadium of Light. Unlike recent weeks, there’s a bit more fight and passion in this Liverpool preview podcast. I guess it’s fair to say this was reflected on the pitch this week. A fluent and professional victory over Peterborough under the guidance of Kevin Ball made us all smile after an absolutely dismal weekend that ended with the removal of Paolo Di Canio. The players revolted and left the gaffer swinging from the metaphorical lamp post.

There’s been a lot of discussion about player power, PDC and the rights and wrongs of the whole thing. We’re privileged in a way that we get to sound off once a week and we discuss all of this and more. We briefly review the West Brom debacle, but the focus is mainly on Paolo and I’m sure he wouldn’t have it any other way. We talk about possibles for the job, the credentials of Bally and there’s barely a mention of Stephen’s beloved midfield three.

Neil Atkinson of the excellent Anfield Wrap helped us preview the Liverpool game over the phone. We were joined in the studio by the more than capable Gary Foster of the Shields Gazette and Roker Report writer, Craig Clark.

It’s an hour and ten minutes long. Probably a touch longer than Paolo’s Sunderland tenure. We hope you enjoy!

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