Salut! Sunderland’s post-Crystal Palace, pre-Arsenal podcast

If you can bear to listen, you'll be pleased you could, says Jake
If you can bear to listen, you’ll be pleased you could, says Jake

Gareth Barker introduces the latest edition of the Salut! Sunderland podcast created by those fine lads, Gareth and Goldy, in the appropriate guise of Wise Men Say. Is is wall-to-wall gloom after the dismal start to the season, with the major challenge of Arsenal at home to come? Scroll down, hot the link and find out …

It always seems that Stephen Goldsmith and I are like coroners at an inquest when it comes to recording the Wise Men Say podcast and this week was no different.

After getting pummelled at Palace, it’s really hit home that things may not all be as well as we thought they might be just four weeks ago. Fortunately for us, we get the chance to vent our feelings through the medium of podcast.

We were joined by A Love Supreme fanzine editor, Martyn McFadden, and the excellent Kristan Heneage from ESPN. We talk tactics, weak midfields (a Sunderland fan knows one of those when they see one), Cabral, left backs and new signings.

Helping us out when it comes to Andrea Dossena and Fabio Borini was The Anfield Wrap’s Neil Atkinson. Despite some reservations, particularly about “The Doss”, it seems that it might not all be that bad.

So join us for 54 minutes of “epic bantz” as the kids may say. That’s “football chat” to us normal folk. Follow the link at

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