Podcast! Post Swansea depression takes edge of pre Newcastle depression.

Jake's probably up for the derby, at least.
Jake’s probably up for the derby, at least.

It’s been a low key build up to the derby this time around. That’s probably to do with the eternal rubbishness of the season to date. The problems we have appear to be longer term and will outstretch Sunday, whatever the result may be.

But Goldy and I started to feel that pre-derby tension build the longer this week’s podcast progressed, probably for the first time in the build up. We dissected Swansea, had a few tangent discussions including one about zonal and man to man marking, then moved on to the upcoming task against the mags.

We were joined in the ‘home end’ of the studio by former Sunderland forward Martin Smith and Graeme Anderson of the Sunderland Echo. In a podcast first, for us, we had a heavily policed away section too. Martin Lindsay from Real Radio gave us a Newcastle perspective.

Unfortunately for him, he was kept back at the studios for half an hour after the podcast had finished in true derby style.

So, you can subscribe on iTunes or have a listen on Soundcloud. Cheers!


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