Podcast! Poyet views from Brighton, Pre-Swansea chat.

Jake longs for a podcast where guests discuss a Premier League win
Jake longs for a podcast where guests discuss a Premier League win

Well all ye faithful (about ten of you) it’s that time of the week again, writes Stephen Goldsmith.

Actually, it was that time on Tuesday as we had to record the pod earlier this week but you know what I mean! As we had the Swansea game to discuss, we thought it was best we done some extensive research on our new manager. Or Head Coach. Helping us with that is Jabsco, a journalist from down that end who has his own Seagulls based website, notworththat.com.

He provided great insight to Gus and gave us that platform for further discussion regarding the Swansea game. Helping us through that was Gareth Vincent from the South Wales Evening Post. We’d forgotton all about getting Swansea input by the afternoon of the recording, so special thanks to Gareth for stepping in on such short notice.

In the studio with Gareth and I was Andy Dawson, writer for the Mirror and author of The Irish Uprising. That’s available for a penny on Amazon apparently. Making his pod debut was Chris Wetherspoon from our cousins over at Roker Report. Still eagerly awaiting Pete to grace us with his presence and bring Salut further to the party.



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