Hutch’s Patch: one-word verdicts on SAFC at Hull. Not for squeamish


Let Rob Hutchison‘s summary speak for itself: ‘This Get out of Jail Free card may be kept until needed or sold. Fear we might need a whole pack of them after that sorry shower. Was it as bad as the end of MoN’s reign?’…

Pantilimon 7 Superstopper

Brown 5 Stretched

O’Shea 5 Laboured

Vergini 3 Rinsed

Revo 3 Outplayed

Larsson 4 Anonymous

Cattermole 4 Radje

Rodwell 6 Conundrum

Bridcutt 3 Championshiplike

Graham 4 Scrapfeeder

Defoe 4 #whatamidoinghere ?


PVA 8 Wonderful

Wickham 6 Improvement

Alvarez 5 Better


Poyet 2 Plotless

And if you think Rob was harsh, this is how Monsieur Salut – writing at ESPN – saw it:


The worry for Poyet was that his team’s vast improvement in the second half merely raised their level of play to adequate … But any team that starts such an important game with Liam Bridcutt, Lee Cattermole, Seb Larsson and Rodwell in midfield is sending a clear message that avoidance of defeat is the priority. There was a total absence of creativity, players instead hoofing high balls towards the diminutive Jermain Defoe as if they thought he had suddenly grown several inches taller.

3 thoughts on “Hutch’s Patch: one-word verdicts on SAFC at Hull. Not for squeamish”

  1. What a shocking performance what is Poyet playing at with his team selection
    It was bitter cold and apart.from O Shea the rest were a shambles I was driving the ref and officials so fortunately I had a free.ticket.and.i feel for the travelling fans home in 3 hours cold and the manager makes an utter fool of himself we all deserve better than this dross

    • No proper excuses for such a wretched performance, Barry, but your passenger was utterly wrong on the Brown booking and free kick leading to the goal. Both feet on the ground, got the ball, then legs collided. Not even a foul. Pity yellows and goals cannot be rescinded. Otherwise, I thought Dean had a decent match (100 per right on the Rodwell dive)

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