Bardsley, Mignolet awards, Bolton away and a Salut! ceasefire

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Since it has reached the stage where I can hardly bear to read anything to do with Sunderland AFC, I realise what it must be like for those coming here and feeling curiously forced to do so.

But no apologies whatsoever for returning briefly to action to congratulate Phil Bardsley on winning the Sunderland Supporters’ Association Player of the Year award and Simon Mignolet the young player equivalent.

Salut! Sunderland said when a similar poll began on the official club site that Phil was our choice – I should say my choice, since others who contribute may disagree – so, well, told you so. Simon was not my first choice for young’un, simply because Jordan Henderson is younger and seemed to have a greater claim, but it was a close-run thing in my own mind and I can see why fellow-supporters saw it differently.

it will be interesting to learn what the poll turns up. Same overall winners, I imagine.

Steve Bruce is quoted thus: “The awards are well-deserved. Both players have shown the best possible attitude over the course of a long season. They’ve both got a hunger about them to succeed and it’s great for any manager to be in charge of players who are as motivated as Phil and Simon. Phil has been shifted over to left-back this season, which he would argue is not his best position, but he never grumbled and worked so hard there that he has made it his own.

“It’s ironic that he could easily have left last summer, but he got his head down, showed a tremendous attitude and ends up getting the Player of the Year award from the fans.”

There, said it. As I mentioned to someone earlier today, my policy is to suspend hostilities as matchday approaches and the need seems to be for encouragement rather than criticism, however richly deserved the latter may be.

The cut-off point is the Who are You? feature with an opposing fan – the Bolton one appears tomorrow morning – and no carping is allowed, except in the Comments field on each post where people are free within reason to say what they want, between then and when the game is over.

Feel free to point out any lapses in this policy already spotted. I only thought of it today so cannot apply it retrospectively.

And Ha’way whatever Lads we muster for the Reebok.

Monsieur Salut

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7 thoughts on “Bardsley, Mignolet awards, Bolton away and a Salut! ceasefire”

  1. In my opinion Phil Bardsley won it by a mile because of his passion, commitment and never say die attitude which we supporters love. Unfortunately several of our managers buys do not exhibit these characteristics. they should look and learn.
    On the question of the young player I found it hard to choose as neither Henderson, Wellbeck or Mingolet have demonstrated enough consistency throughout the season.

  2. Phil Bardsley thourghly deserves this award. He is not the most gifted footballer but his commitment and belief that he could (and did) improve are totally commendable. If others would adopt his attitude and mental strength then we would be in a much more secure position. His improvement epitomises what is lacking in a large part of the remaining squad.

    Its not too late for them but it will be a summer of hard work.

  3. You are a wise man Mr Barkess. You just saved me the effort with that post. It couldn’t have gone to a better selection in my view. A proper professional. Are you reading Mr Muntari?

  4. well done bardsley he has been a massive improvement this season and has really showed what it means to play for the shirt.WELL DONE TO HIM HE REALLY DESERVES IT . iF ONLY HIS TEAM MATES SHOWED HALF HIS COMMITMENT WE WOULD NOT BE IN THIS SORRY STATE.

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