Beauty or beast: prize Guess the Score as Grayson’s ‘different animal’ faces Derby County

Jake: ‘allow Monsieur Salut to introduce another season of Guess the Score competitions’

A new season beckons and we’re raring to go, full of optimism and excitement, our confidence nourished by the knowledge that Sunderland AFC are in the safest of hands.

No pre-season calamities, no breaking of ranks or signs of dressing room dissent, no one facing disciplinary action before the league programme even starts. And everything points to Simon Grayson holding on to the few remaining players of real quality.

That’s the fantasy out of the way. Can we now settle down to a start to the season that at least makes us look capable of competing at Championship level?

Jake’s latest banner for Salut! Sunderland

It is fair to say that after only one truly bad pre-season display, at St Johnstone, many of us approached the Celtic game in philosophical mood. Maybe we’d lose – I expected something like 3-1 to them – and maybe we weren’t actually ready to challenge for an automatic promotion place. But things could be worse; Grayson seemed as good a bet as a club in position could hope for.

I shall draw a veil over what happened next. We might, of course, come bouncing straight back, Grayson promising a “different animal” in terms of the side he sends out in search of points, not pre-season fitness building.

As with the “put SAFC 0-5 Celtic into context” competition, which will close at kickoff time on Friday, I am unsure what prize to offer whoever is first to Guess the Score correctly in Sunderland vs Derby County. It will probably be a mug, but may be something else – but have a go all the same, whoever you support.

Usual rules apply. Be first, before kickoff, with the correct scoreline. Have a UK delivery address and accept that Monsieur Salut’s decision shall be final.

Ha’way the Lads.

Jake: ‘follow these simple steps for taking penalties, James’
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24 thoughts on “Beauty or beast: prize Guess the Score as Grayson’s ‘different animal’ faces Derby County”

  1. Sunderland 4 – 2 Derby. We are 0-2 down and there are 2 minutes left on the clock. Simon Grayson makes the ubiquitous decision to replace the entire team with Darron Gibson. His omni presence quickly restores the balance at 2-2. Then the referee gives a penalty against Gibson when he is obviously in the oppositions penalty area when the Derby player slipped on wet grass in the Sunderland Penalty area. That is followed up by a terrific save by Gibson, following a superb pass to Gibson on the wing and a cross to Gibson, just outside the area, and a thunerous strike makes it 3-2. From the kick off, with seconds to play Gibson intercepts a pass and passes it the full length of the pitch to run onto a high ball and leap into the air to head home from outside the penalty area, but 30 feet in the air a ‘Bullet Header’. 40,000 Sunderland supporters form a massive pyramid in the centre of the pitch and Gibson is at the top. He is hailed as the new Messi, and they all buy him a double shot in town as reward.

  2. Sunderland 0-2 Derby. Would be amazed if Sunderland score, and (unless Ruiter is there) would be even more amazed by a clean sheet.

  3. I’m afraid I’m going with a 1-2 defeat. My rose coloured glasses aren’t working very well this season. 🙁

  4. Picked this up through News Now. I’m a Derby supporter. I feel sorry for the way it’s going at Sunderland and fall on the side of Darron Gibson with his comments. Too many players play for the paycheque and not for the shirt. Not just at Sunderland either. But morale must be low and if we are to grab three points from a team who I would predict as being one of our promotion rivals, now would seem the ideal time. But we are notoriously fragile. First goal wins. 1-0 either way.

  5. I think well win 2-0….James 24th & 65th minutes…give the lad more confidence,,,,I think we will perform now the real football has started.

  6. A difficult call. New team and new division. (Plenty of divisions in the squad too?)

    An optimistic 1-0 win for the lads.

  7. I don’t think we are anywhere close to having a TEAM in all senses of the word–dressing room, captain, core players, first name on the team sheet etc.

    I don’t think SG knows his best team yet and all his tinkering in pre-season hasn’t led to a settled formation.

    With respect to the incoming players the quality of the squad has been seriously eroded and supporters have already noticed the weak links.

    The game against Celtic was ill advised and exposed all these failings.

    A noticeable lack of confidence will become a burden if the crowd gets restless.

    SG will get it right but, at this stage, I am going for a 2-1 win for Derby.

  8. Based on my previous misgivings with the state of SAFC in general, I’m going to amaze everyone with 2 nil Sunderland. ?

  9. 3 – 1. Why all the doom and gloom? As M Salut rightly says everything in the garden is looking rosy, hunky has never been so dory, thousands will be locked out, all eleven players plus subs will play like Ronaldo on speed (Real Madrid model not the fat boy from Brazil) and Grayson will put down an early marker for Manager of the Year. Ha’way The Lads.

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