Birmingham pull clear. Anyone for 0-1 in Leeds-SAFC Guess the Score?

From an old birthday card sent to M Salut by his mother

We have got used to fantasy entries in Guess the Score. You know, the ones that predict a Sunderland win (especially if there’s already been one in living memory).

So let our imaginations run riot once again.

Mighty Leeds succumbed to lowly (by comparison) Sunderland in a certain Wembley encounter on May 5 1973. It was only 1-0, the first-half goal scored by Ian Porterfield, but that was enough.

Porterfield, alas, is no longer with us.

But without being too unkind on our current keepers, wouldn’t Monty do as decent a job as any of them in goal?

Can’t Bobby Kerr, Billy Hughes, Vic Halom, Dick Malone, Ron Guthrie, Micky Horswill, Dave Watson, Richie Pitt and Dennis Tueart turn out at Elland Road? Then we beat Norwich, Reading, Burton, Fulham and Wolves to stay up …

You see what I mean about fantasy.

Black Monday reduces us to the resigned pessimists we were until Good Friday evening. With what I called – in electronic communication – doomladen eloquence, Pete Sixsmith declared the fight against relegation over and it is difficult to quarrel with that.

Birmingham’s win at Bolton tonight removes any lingering glimmer of hope. They are now eight points clear and even Barnsley, a game in hand, are three points ahead with a much better goal difference.

Chris Coleman retains a lot of goodwill, as I found myself saying earlier today to a Norwich fan site. But it has started to slip away, a function of his failures – as a former defender – to persuade grown men to do their defensive jobs properly and – as a seasoned international manager – to play to his squad’s few strengths by way of substitutions capable of making an impact.

Almost no one any longer expects us to pull clear. It looks beyond doubt that the remaining issues are which of Sunderland or Burton finish bottom and then who joins them out of Barnley, Birmingham, Bolton and Reading.

So we could be forgiven for making Guess the Score just for fun again. We won’t. A mug goes to the reader who is first before kickoff to predict the correct score. You can be a supporter of either or neither team to enter, but you must have a UK delivery address.

Have a go. And Ha’way, academic as it now feels, the Lads.

M Salut, drawn by Matt, colouring by Jake. Go back to the Salut! Sunderland home page by clicking the cartoon
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17 thoughts on “Birmingham pull clear. Anyone for 0-1 in Leeds-SAFC Guess the Score?”

  1. With our paucity of goals and leaky defence, I’ll go for a disappointing 2-1 to Leeds.

    Them 2 – 1 Us

  2. I just want this wretched season to be over, Ellis Short to bugger off, all the dire players to bugger off, a complete overhaul of the club and let’s go again in August. Maybe in League One SKY will leave us alone – they have scuppered my plans for Fulham – and we can begin to enjoy our football again. I have no interest in FIFA’s global tournament and wish it were over. Football has never held so little appeal as it does now. Roll on the cricket season. Oh I am supposed to be guessing the score? 0 – 0 it is but I don’t care really.

  3. It makes one wonder where the boundary lies, between a ‘true supporter’ and a ‘deluded fan’. At this stage of the game, I think they share common turf.

  4. How close can my cherished score get?
    I had the four for us v Derby and the three against us v Wednesday. It has to happen and why not now – when it no longer matters? 4-3 to The Lads.

  5. Away from home is the best chance as SOL is toxic.

    A few twists yet but death by a thousand cuts has began, and if the Championship was tough next season in Div 1 will be a nightmare with route one and 100mph football winning most games.

    My grandad will be turning in his grave.

    Looks like the Toon will need a bigger stadium to accommodate all the turn coats, or see you at the Heed.

    • All we need is a Marco and Eric double act, with Benno and MacPhail chipping in and we’ll be OK. See, I’m deluding myself already … i don’t qualify for a prize but how about Leeds 0-3 Sunderland just to make us really annoyed? oops – a popular scoreline; David Miller has beaten me to it

  6. I’ll go for 3-1 to Dity Leeds.

    I really can’t summon up any enthusiasm, either for the rest of the season, or next season. As the great great train in Magic Roundabout was heard to say “Oh Dr. Beecham, where is your sting?”

  7. 2-1 away win. The start of the greatest escape since The Great Escape (we know how that ended up for Steve McQueen).

  8. The really depressing thing is that even in the event of a very unlikely win, its a case of too little too late.

    As the famous Churchill quote goes in 1939 ‘ What General Weygand called the battle of France is over. I expect that the battle of Britain is about to begin.’

    As far as Sunderland are concerned Coleman may as well be saying ‘The battle for the Championship is over. The battle for survival in League 1 is about to begin’. Mr Coleman has some serious navel gazing to do prior to that though.

    Not optimistic for our future.

    Leeds 1 – 1 Sunderland, no good to man nor beast, but there again do any results really matter now!

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