Chelsea (0) 0 Sunderland (1) 3: for days like this

A home banker. They thought so, we feared so. So what did our Lads do but tear up the script …

Let Salut! Sunderland proudly salute as fine an away performance as most of those associated with the club will have witnessed.

In short, Sunderland were magnificent. And let no one say we beat Chelsea 3-0, after 17 attempts on their goal, because the champions were below par, below strength or unlucky.

Gordon, Onuaha, Bardsley, Turner, Bramble, Richardson, Cattermole, Henderson, Zenden, Welbeck, Gyan. Manager: Steve Bruce. In that order or any other you choose. Sheer magic.

An inspired first-half performance, in which Zirkov’s excellent run but poor finish and a deflected Drogba free kick were the only threats to Gordon’s goal, brought utterly just rewards with a late goal – and some goal it was – from Nedum Onuoha.

The on-loan fullback skipped past three Chelsea players to beat Cech in style. Sky TV commentary suggested he scuffed his shot slightly, but scuffed shots do not come much more refined than Onuoha’s cool finish.

What is more, the goal came after Gyan and Welbeck, constant threats to the suspect Chelsea defence, had missed great opportunities to open our scoring. Cech made one superb save from a powerful Welbeck header, and another one from a Richardson shot immediately before the goal. But the other near things were clear cases of chances missed.

I said at half time that whatever happens in the second half – which Chelsea incredibly started with 11 men, Ivanovic having survived as clear a red card, cynically holding back Welbeck who otherwise had a clear run on goal – this was a first-half display for any Sunderland fan to be proud of.

And amid more great football from Sunderland early in the second half Gyan doubled the lead, a brilliant build-up with Jordan Henderson making the final pass.

Then I said “Keep going Lads” – and they did. A gift from Ashley Cole enabled Welbeck to grab a totally deserved goal for himself.

Monsieur Salut heads off for a November break in St Petersburg a very happy man indeed.

Sunderland supporters live for days such as this.

Monsieur Salut

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22 thoughts on “Chelsea (0) 0 Sunderland (1) 3: for days like this”

  1. Jeremy – you nailed it – I’m glad you said that because I’ve been saying exactly that since the game. That’s what I loved about it too – one of Lee’s comments when we had the handbags row was that there’s never a comfortable game, and at that stage I would have made him right. But we were as assured as I’ve ever seen us before. Defensively we were enormous!! Titus should be playing for England. And what’s happened to Bardo?? He was unbelievable again!!

    Davey – no – I’m sorry man – as much as we are on the same page, I’m afraid Bill’s going to have to agree to agree with me – even if I have to travel to Ontario and bash him with a wilting cucumber. He loves me really.

  2. Martin / Bill – why not agree to disagree and just enjoy the afterglow of what was for me the best performance I have seen from a Sunderland team since the 73 Cup Final
    Credit to Bruce and the team for turning around what could have been a very difficult 2 weeks , since our capitulation at SJP .
    The mags in our office were telling me they would be 6 to 8 points in front of us after 2 easy home games with Blackburn and Fulham and Sunderland’s 2 extremely difficult away games at Spurs and Chelsea
    Well I for one am going to enjoy the moment for as long as possible

  3. The most amazing and enjoyable (as well as weird) thing about the whole event was that victory was never in doubt. There was no nervousnous, counting the clock down etc. Magnificent performance which hasn’t been bettered in 40+ years of following SAFC. Let’s make sure there are no slip ups in the next game.

  4. It means generously pompous delivered in a self-indulgent manner (I think). I self-depracate regularly, but my Mrs bought me some diapers.

    He has already proved you wrong.

  5. “Magnanimously bombastic…” what on earth does that mean? I was JOKING about SB listening to me, Martin. A bit of self-deprecating humour. You should try it some time.
    As I said after the Newcastle debacle, it was just one game, not the whole season. So was the Chelsea match. A glorious game and, let’s hope, an indicator of better things to come. But just one game.
    Believe me, I’ll be very happy to have Bruce prove me wrong.

  6. Come on Bill you pompous oaf!! Even when you are horrendously wrong you are so magnanimously bombastic in your response! His position is light years more lofty than yours. Hell would freeze before he’d listen to you!! You reacted petulantly to the derby loss. A loss that can be attributed to the psychology of a derby day. That day we were 11 rabbits caught in the headlights, intimidated by the magnitude of the atmosphere and the intensity of the game. The 11 individuals, (10 excluding Bardo) crumbled under the pressure, and lacked the kind of self belief they demonstrated handsomely yesterday. They were the same 11 to beat Man City, and draw with Arsenal, Liverpool and Man U, and provided skillfull football en route. After the experience of the humiliating derby day loss, Brucie, who in my opinion will become our greatest ever manager, reacted with humility and class and did what I knew he would do. Prove everyone wrong (including yourself).

    He’s not intimidated by any team. He takes the game to the opposition, and promotes self belief. He wants to play the game the right way, and for any Sunderland fan, that has to be welcomed – not rejected. How many times can you say we’ve had a manager like that??? He has put together a new team, and he is learning every time they take to the pitch about player deployment, formations etc. But he’s not going to get it right every time.

    But what’s the motto here – “Bite the hand that feeds you”? While I’m sure you’ll get kudos from your like-minded, equally as impatient buddies who readily and regularly click on the green thumb following your posts, your ruthless condemnation of Brucie was in real terms a trifle – shall we say – unintellegent.

    My challenge to you is to write something positive about Steve Bruce and his response to “the disaster”. Yes – I do believe a little P.M.A. is warranted – let’s see a bit of nobility. Bet you can’t though!

  7. Martin: All credit to SB for taking the advice that was freely proffered here and acting upon it! He obviously reads Salut! Sunderland.
    I didn’t say he should be summarily fired but that, to be the manager the team needs, he had to seriously rethink his tactics and player deployment. And that’s what he did.
    I DID say that Welbeck was looking surplus to requirements and should be given until January to pull his socks up or be sent back. It looks as if he’s paying attention, too!

  8. Woke up this morning ; what a dream I had , Sunderland outplayed Chelsea and stiuck 3 goals passed them without reply – HA HA – I must be going mad . Welbeck and Gyan terrorised their back 4 and we had 2 new names on the scoresheet . Gordon in goal was rarely bothered and on the odd occassion he was he dealt with it confidently . In the post match interview Bruce could hardly speak – trying to get words out of a mouth that every time it opened broke into the hugest of grins .
    Maybe i’m crazy , maybe i’m crazy Probably !!!

  9. Where’s Lee?

    What do you think of Steve Bruce now Bill? Should he be given time, or should we cann his ass?

    Huge credit goes to you Brucie for not folding, or hiding after the hurt of St James. Note that none of your critics have had the courage to acknowledge their hastiness when they knee-jerkly lasmbasted you 2 weeks ago, but to be honest, if I was you, I would want it that way! As for myself – I would just like to say “thank you”. Make no mistake – you’ve given us the best team in decades, and I haven’t experienced a high such as that since 1973!!

    A message to Jordan. Stay where you are son!!!!! If you go to Man U, Chelsea, where-ever, you will become Mr. Predictable. Just another super talent to migrate to “one-of-the-big-four”. Show them the finger and stick at the SOL mate! Get a whopping contract with us and win something with us and for us!! Your hero status will be infinitely greater with us than in Manchester or London, or Madrid – so break with tradition and help to put the north east back where it belongs. We can be right up there – as sure as eggs are eggs.

    The gap is ever-closing between the big boys and the also rans and long may that continue!! But it makes me sick to see Fergie and the crew circling like vultures, with that smug air of inevitability. But we beat Chelsea 3 – nowt on their home turf!! What does that tell you Jordan??

    Douglas Barder – “The Airmchair Fan”.

  10. You topped the other outstanding red & white-striped Premiership underdog display with that, it was ace, I cheered every excellent goal. Well done.

    All I want now is an apology from the Welbeck haters [wink here]

  11. Fantastic display and wonderful result for you. As a Fulham fan I am thrilled tonight. Very, very well done. Good luck for the rest of the season.

  12. From John O’Brien (via Salut)

    I have been moved to e mail you after witnessing your teams superb defeat of Chelsea.
    I was sat having my Sunday teatime pint (yes I am drinking again) in the Cask and Barrel and I saw your teams magnificent win. You will be pleased to know that the whole pub was behind Sunderland.
    Your years of loyalty (sometimes questionable) have finally paid off by beating those Southern Jessies.

  13. All things considered that has to be the best away performance from any Sunderland team for many years. From the kick off we looked hungry and some of the passing and movement was outstanding.

    There were 11 heros, ironically most of them had played in the St James disgrace only 14 days ago. What a turnaround which carries great credit to the management and players.

    The defence looks much more composed after the return of Craig Gordon.He was assured and very calm, giving those in front of him great confidence which resulted in a stress free afternoon.

  14. What an absolute pleasure to watch. Football as it should be played. Pete it would have been worth the price of admission.

  15. As a 56 year old lifetime supporter, this is up there with the day at Wembley when I was a callow 18 year old. Well done to them all !!

  16. Wisey *via Salut)

    As a chelsea fan Id just like to say congratulations on the best away performance I’ve seen at the bridge in many a year. Well played and thoroughly deserved.

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