Dick’s post Sacramento Advochaat: it’s just pre-season!

Malcolm Dawson writes…..In his first post match missive to M Salut and the world in general since agreeing to his one year deal, Dick Advocaat reflects on the defeat to a team which our sources rate as no better than a lower Division side of the likes of York City or Hartlepool. Of course it’s only pre-season and what matters is getting the side ready for the upcoming season but I am uneasy about this tour and one or two other goings on at the Club. Maybe it’s just the fact that fifty years of following Sunderland means optimism sits uncomfortably on my shoulders. I’ll save my misgivings for the comments section below. Meanwhile here’s what the big man had to say…..

The return of Advocaat. Dick, by Jake
The return of Advocaat. Dick, by Jake


Dear Colin,

Obviously if you lose it’s not good, but for me it’s more about getting in the right shape for the opening game of the Barclays Premier League season against Leicester.

You could tell that Sacramento are in the middle of their season and we are not yet at the same place and we also had to change the team at the break. A number of the international players have only been back a few days, but we still have another two games here.

We need to get into better shape and we will get there. The result is never as important in pre-season. The players are training hard and that’s more important than the way we play at the minute.

Thanks for your support,

Dick Advocaat

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7 thoughts on “Dick’s post Sacramento Advochaat: it’s just pre-season!”

  1. I would also like to express an opinion that we will see a Better Rodwell. He will be a lot better this season, it is his defining year, and he can produce. I also expect similar from Connor Wickham.

    • Hope you are right Rob and that Giaccherini comes good too. Could be like having two and a half new players. I’m still to be convinced by Wickham. Ha’way Connor prove to me that I don’t have clue!

  2. Thumbs up Robbo. It seems Jeremain Lens has signed, and I think he is a wonderful addition. I expect us to be mid table next season, as I believe we may have 2 additions to the squad.
    Remember, winning streaks bring out the best in squads. Dick Advocaat knows that.

  3. Regarding things not going as quickly or smoothly as we’d hoped.

    IMO this is alway going to be the case with us until such time as we stop flirting with relegation. As we know it can be difficult to persuade players to come this far north at the best of times.The Lombaert situation is strange,with him now saying he rejected us because he wants to compete for trophies….so why did he bother letting negotiations go this far?
    Our best hope for attracting players has to be Advocaat’s reputation as a manager and his ability to improve players and build good teams. If and when Lens signs it might just be the catalyst for aces others to sign up.

  4. I was wondering what sort of contract was given to Vergini,surely if the club dont want him,but had to sign him I hope he isnt on top wages and a long contract,he had to sign a contract and if he was offered a peanuts contract,why did he sign it.

  5. Adam Johnson, Patrick van Aaanholt and Sebastian Coates were all unable to play in this warm up match because of visa problems. Rodwell and Bridcutt ended up playing fullback second half because Dick has few options in that position on this section of the tour. This following a first half where Tom Beadling who plays centre back for the Development Squad had occupied one of the full back slots. Who actually determines pre-season fixtures? In these days where commercial reasons appear to take precedence over footballing ones, it would appear it is not the coaching staff.

    My second gripe is my first real criticism of Dick Advocaat’s approach to the job. OK I accept he doesn’t rate Vergini or Roberge, but at the moment these are two players on the books, both of whom ironically can play full back reasonably well. Both were at Consett last night and whilst Roberge got 45 minutes under his belt, the Argentinean wasn’t even on the bench and got a taxi home.

    Now to me it seems daft that you marginalise two experienced international players (three if you include Mavrias) that are still being paid to do a job and are still assets of the club, when the squad is so threadbare. Presumably the club were happy to endorse the clause in Vergini’s loan deal that committed them to signing him full time – hardly the player’s fault – and should they find themselves in a situation where he isn’t moved on in the transfer window here is a player who will be so lacking in motivation should he be needed due to injuries and/or suspensions that there’ll be little point in using him anyway.

    Is Dick’s aversion to the player based purely on his ability? With the Lombaerts deal looking like it is collapsing we still have the same central defenders as last season but with one of them clearly not part of the manager’s plans.

    The same with Alvarez. Here’s a player who we actually don’t know will be with with us next season or not. Who decided that he would become a Sunderland player if we avoided relegation without at least also insisting that whilst he was on loan with us he would be permitted to receive any medical treatment deemed necessary by the club?

    Whilst it looks as if Lens will sign, things don’t appear to be going as quickly or as smoothly as we’d hoped.

  6. Well not a great start….I expected at least a draw.

    Anybody any idea what visa issues prevented Coates and PVA from going on the tour?

    Johnson’s visa issues have been well documented, but not the other two.

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