Drink to forget Newcastle defeat: Salut! Sunderland mugs go global

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The Classic Salut! Sunderland Mug I

Is this your dream shopping trip? It could be, if all you want is a brand new Salut! Sunderland mug. The good news is that overseas readers can now buy these first items to appear at the Salut! Sunderland Shop.

As announced the other day, the site is making its first modest steps into the world of merchandise.

It is a simple matter of Salut! Sunderland needing to make ends meet and justify the time, effort and expense of running what When Saturday Comes, sponsors of our annual Who Are You? awards, might call a half-decent football site.

Murdoch is not in charge around here so no one pays to visit Salut! Sunderland – though if I could secretly levy a £1 tax on each visiting, gloating Newcastle United fan, I’d have made thousands yesterday and today.

You see ads on the page, and they help. And now, I hope the sales of little items associated with our support for SAFC will help further – and finance a small beer money support system for the excellent Pete Sixsmith in recognition of his dedication and writing talent.

Other products will be added as we go along. This is a small first step but your support would be appreciated.

The first two products are tea/coffee mugs bearing the slogans “Salut! Sunderland – A site better” or “Salut! Sunderland – a million fans can’t be wrong”, the latter a reference to our recent readership milestone. You can buy one mug or several, with discounts if you order more than one. I will get purchased mugs posted off to you as soon as I can, placing my own roder with the supplier for batches of 10, which qualifies for a discount that enables me to keep prices down.

Visit the international branch of the shop by CLICKING HERE.

And if you are in the UK, you qualify for free postage – postal charges levied by the supplier being the only reason overseas orders are more expensive – and should CLICK ON THIS LINK.

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The Classic Salut! Sunderland Mug II
Monsieur Salut

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10 thoughts on “Drink to forget Newcastle defeat: Salut! Sunderland mugs go global”

  1. haha poolietoon im not young im late 30’s’ i remember cowie era well unfortunately? Long gone that era facts are now we a professionally run club with chairman who all clubs would like unlike yrselves, who will always dream yr a big club.. Ashley similar to murray

  2. markey mark you must be very young or have a selective memory 5under1and in the past hated cowie, young, chairman who had the best interests of your club at heart yet the fans hated them most football fans are fickle some more than others no need to be so bitter and twisted the next time you win the best club derby in the world you will be able to gloat and im sure you will

  3. to all the dozy geordies’ remember this remember this, we have integrity in our club a chairman who is idolised by many and a club run in right manner! Nothing more to be said still finish higher than the scum dont worry about that!

  4. silly ref missing a blatant handball and sending off other wise the silly geordies might have won a lot easier

  5. I thought of buying one for a mackem mate of mine but I don’t think he would appreciate it after Saturday.

  6. When I read ‘Sunderland mugs go global’ I thought your lads must all be leaving the country after Saturday??
    Sorry, final gloat, sure you will all get your own back with a vengence!
    Good luck raising funds, I am sure all fans will agree how much we enjoy the information and the banter blogs afford us.

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