Manchester City ‘Guess the Score’: can we play behind closed doors?

Jake: 'I'm going for Borini to clinch it in the 93rd minutes, offside but allowed'
Jake: ‘I’m going for Borini to clinch it in the 93rd minute, well offside but allowed’

Enthused by that thumping of Newcastle United in the “secret seven-in-a-row derby”?

Well, we all will be if Duncan Watmore, Fletch and Rodwell were to grab as many goals against Man City on Tuesday night. We could even ship five crackers from the Citeh elite and still win.

Yep, pigs will fly. But if we are sure it won’t end 6-5, what will it be? Just for fun again – sorry, but sponsors are thin on the ground – guess the score.

Back to that curious run of one-nils … a hammering of the sort some of us witnessed at the Etihad … a gallant defeat … a sturdy draw. I’ve gone, disloyally, for 1-3 in my ESPN prediction. You decide.

We all have our own ideas about how games will go except when we admit to having no idea at all; when that’s the case I can look to Premier League predictions at

I cannot claim to feel great optimism, either about the outcome of this game or the way the season is heading. But I am happy for the Lads to make me eat my words,

But back to gloom, if you did not catch this week’s great reads at Salut! Sunderland (many thousands did, I am happy to say), here’s another chance:

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M Salut, drawn by Matt, colouring by Jake
M Salut, drawn by Matt, colouring by Jake

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18 thoughts on “Manchester City ‘Guess the Score’: can we play behind closed doors?”

  1. John Mac wanted to predict 0-1 but mistakenly thought it had gone, Just as well there wasn’t a million riding on it

  2. Oh dear, just about every Logical result is taken.

    I guess, the Ultimate win of the season, 4 – 3 to the lads with City down to 10 mean early in the game.

  3. As I worked my way through the rest of the fixture list trying (and hoping) to reach 38 ish points, this was a nailed on nil pointer. However, for some reason I am feeling strangely optimistic. I cannot forecast the score but it will be a draw.

    • Eric – I get these ” strangely optimistic ” phases too. Some people call them delusions. What do they know?

  4. we always win 1-0 so no difference this time, we’ll defend defend defend then Defoe them on the break

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