SAFC v Tottenham Hotspur: Guess the Score returns as a mug’s game

Jake: a wonderful image from times gone by
Jake: a wonderful image from times gone by

Far too early for a Sunday game but the cupboard is otherwise bare so let’s go with Guess the Score. One good excuse: we have the return of prize mugs for winners to gloat about …

Too late for winners so far
– in fact there may have been only one, apart from the Swansea game and its special prize and he’s already got mugs galore – Salut! Sunderland is delighted to announce the resumption of Guess the Score as a prize competition.

No more nonsense about it all being “just for fun”. No more lame bleatings about rewards in heaven. We’re back to the life-changing promise of a mug for whoever correctly predicts the result of each Sunderland match. Opposing fans who win the competition will receive an appropriate alternative prize. So Spurs fans, generally short of a bob or two or even a decent coffee mug, can offer their own stabs at Sunday’s scoreline.

Our thanks to Personalised Football Gifts, Weardale-based with a team led by Sunderland-supporting Ian Philipson, for agreeing to another season of sponsoring this modest little comp.

Let us introduce you to our Guess the Score sponsors

This week’s game is not this week at all, but next. The international break is over, Sixer has had his fix of footie in west Wales and the West Country and we are ready – we hope – for Spurs. But it’s not until Sunday, which gives a long buildup period, not least for this competition. Usual rules: be the first to post the correct result, before kickoff, and you win – but you must have a UK delivery address.

Come back on Thursday for another great Who are You? – we have Richard Littlejohn, Spurs-supporting, elf ‘n’ safety-baiting columnist and broadcaster, in the hot seat.

Here’s a sample (question posed before the last games featuring each side):

Salut! Sunderland: Things could easily change: you could wallop Everton (they didn’t – Ed) and we might snatch something at Villa (we did – Ed), but you’ve made a dreary start and Sunderland a calamitous one. Easy explanation of either?

Richard Littlejohn: Spurs have looked pretty in spells but fragile this season. And this is the worst start since Daniel Levy shot Wendy Ramos and brought in Harry Redknapp. I wouldn’t bet against Defoe scoring a late winner.

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M Salut, drawn by Matt, colouring by Jake
M Salut, drawn by Matt, colouring by Jake
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25 thoughts on “SAFC v Tottenham Hotspur: Guess the Score returns as a mug’s game”

  1. A Borini hat trick and a Defoe single gives us a 4-0 win. Pocchetino resigns, Levy sells the club to Dennis Wise and Sunderland go on a run to challenge Manchester City for the title.
    Well, an old man can dream can’t he?

  2. 2-1 to the lads…Spurs aren’t that good,they play a tip tap type of football which looks good,but they are beatable….Defoe 2 (32&44..Spurs get a 67th min goal.Good win for us,

  3. A certain H Kane seems to have discovered his shooting boots. So I predict this bit of commentary “and that is a superb goal from Harry Kane. Unfortunately for Spurs, it is no more than a consolation. Sunderland lead 3 – 1 with only a couple of minutes to go”.

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