SAFC v Watford: prizes for guessing where the goals will go in

Paddy Power
Paddy Power: ‘what’s the betting this chap will be picking the ball out of the net a few times?’

Read on for how to enter. The prizes are a £10 Amazon Voucher, a copy of Football Manager 2016 or a Sunderland shirt (home, away or third)

Here is a neat little companion
to Salut! Sunderland’s regular Guess the Score feature.

It comes from the Irish bookie Paddy Power, owner one of Monsieur Salut’s favourite radio voices, and is open, for prize purposes (see below for details), to a maximum of six readers. Any entries beyond six will be for fun only.

This is how it works: look at the image of the Watford keeper Heurelho Gomes and decide in which of the six available squares of the goal the ball will enter the net during the game.

We naturally hope all Saturday’s goals at the Stadium of Light fly in past Gomes.

 Jake: 'ha'way Lads, let's have a fourth win for Big Sam'
Jake: ‘ha’way Lads, let’s have a fourth win for Big Sam’

But there could be goals at either end so although it would be confusing to have Gomes and Costel Pantilimon side by side in the same goal, goals – up to a maximum of five, hence anything from 1-0/0-1 to 5-0 or, heaven forbid, 0-5 – will count whichever side scores them.

The competition is sponsored by Paddy Power bingo – play here – and the rules, as set out by Paddy’s people, are:

* each player is only allowed one square, no multiples

* entries will not be accepted from blog owner, contributor or employees of Paddy Power

* squares will be allocated to the first six people to comment on available squares

* the BBC’s
definition of which square the ball went into is final (see

* prizes
subject to availability

* only one prize
per square though that prize gets better the more goals that land in the one you choose.

One goal in your square – you win a £10 Amazon Voucher. Two goals in your square – you receive a copy of Football Manager 2016. Three or more goals in your square – a Sunderland shirt (home, away or third) will be yours

* only the first five goals of the game are counted

* UK entries only

* if the match ends 0-0, the first reader to have commented on the original post will win the booby prize, a Danny Dyer Football Foul-Ups DVD

So, put simply, all you have to do is choose your square of the goal, be among the first six to do so and hope that is where goals go in. Monsieur Salut is ineligible to enter – as are Sixer, Malcolm Dawson, John McCormick, Jake and others who regularly contribute articles to Salut! Sunderland, which naturally means a large number of people who post comments here are fully entitled to have a go.

M Salut, drawn by Matt, colouring by Jake
M Salut, drawn by Matt, colouring by Jake
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