SAFC vs Cardiff City: Guess the Score in this ‘massive crunch match’

Jake: "why won't M Salut let me use words like h*** and m***-win?'
Jake: “why won’t M Salut let me use words like h*** and m***-win?’

No one correctly guessed the score at Chelsea.

That does not mean no Salut! Sunderland reader could bring himself or herself to predict an away win: the thin entry offered 1-1, 2-2 twice, 2-0 along with 2-1 and 3-1 to Chelsea but also, heroically, “William C” with 1-0 to the Lads. I also give credit to Terry, whose forecast of 3-1 was presented as an example of reverse psychology and turned out to be one that worked.

So here it comes. The quote in the headline comes from the Cardiff “Who are You?” interviewee; his responses are already in but best held back until tomorrow (Thursday) with the game being on Sunday. It may sound like the ultimate cliche but it is both massive and something of a crunch.

I am a bag of nerves about this one. That’s the nature of being a Sunderland supporter. We know that even with Bale, Messi, Iniesta, Suarez, Gerrard, Kompany and Ronaldo on emergency loan, we could as easily blow it as snatch the ugly, fretful victory that would do perfectly nicely.

Gus Poyet is doubtless doing all in his power to prepare the Lads well for the game. Confidence should be high enough to counter anxiety after those sterling performances at the Etihad and Stamford Bridge.

The season could depend on it, as we all know, though the battle will not immediately be over whatever the outcome. More twists could come before and on May 11.

There’s a prize, as promised, even if it’s only a mug (unless someone out there wishes to sponsor a better one, maybe conditional on it being won by someone guessing a Sunderland win).

sobs bookSTOP PRESS: Our friend Sobs – aka Paul Dobson – has just kindly put up a signed copy of his book (with ‘Pos’) Ganterbury Tales, four decades of following Sunderland, as the prize.

He’s saying 3-1 to Sunderland but, as sponsor of the competition, that scoreline remains open to another taker.

A few mugs are owed just now, from recent Guess the Score wins and Friends of Salut subscriptions (see below) but I am hoping to have reason to add a good-news slogan to them before placing the orders. If anyone recognises himself as a creditor and would rather have the classic mug with the Salut! Sunderland home page banner, just let me know.

The usual rules apply. First to post the correct score, before kickoff, wins. Cardiff fans and neutrals are welcome to join in – for a City winner, I’d grudgingly modify the design. Monsieur Salut’s decision shall be final.

And as the buildup continues, listen out for Pete Sixsmith, representing Salut! Sunderland on BBC Radio Newcastle this evening (Wednesday) between 6pm and 7pm in conversation with Marco Gabbiadini.

Ha’way the Lads.


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Matt's cartoon (cherished by M Salut), as adapted by Jake
Matt’s cartoon (cherished by M Salut), as adapted by Jake
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22 thoughts on “SAFC vs Cardiff City: Guess the Score in this ‘massive crunch match’”

  1. We take an early lead, the crowd relax, Cardiff panic, they push forward, we exploit the gaps, we score another, they have a man sent off, we get a third, Cardiff throw everything at us, they give away a penalty, we score our fourth, a pig flies overhead as we score our fifth, Altidore comes on to get our sixth, I wake up…. …

  2. Can’t go to this one and before last weekend I didn’t mind … now, will I be missing a minor miracle or avoiding the torment? Don’t know, can’t tell any more. Anything could happen.

    Has Gus found his best side? Will the expectations of the crowd play a part? Will playing a more defensive team ruin our game plan and stop the flow? Will we convert or waste our chances? Will the referee be kind or cruel? How will Cattermole behave?

    I haven’t got a clue, so I’ll take the easy option – 1-0.

  3. 5-0 at Home will not only result in another giant step towards safety, but will double the actual attendance cos everyone will claim “I was there”

  4. Only because I tipped against us for the first time against City and the reverse nearly happened ,I picked Chelsea to beat us and the reverse did happen .So in the spirit of irrational superstitions Safc 0-Cardiff 2 !

  5. I think the home side’s nervousness will still be evident but if they do score their confidence following the last two matches will carry them through so I will plump for a 3-2 Home win.

    • CSB again: that’s four mugs you’re owed. I think we absolutely have to aim for at least one more from the last three games, thereby saving postal costs.

      But bravo for such a bold prediction

  6. Sobs has gone for 3-1 to Sunderland but since he has now put up a better prize than the mug – see amended story above – that scoreline is open to someone else.

    Same applies to my offering: a ridiculously optimistic 3-0, engraved in my heart but ineligible as an entry

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