Sunderland v Watford Guess the Score: can Big Sam grab that fourth win?

 Jake: 'ha'way Lads, let's have a fourth win for Big Sam'
Jake: ‘ha’way Lads, let’s have a fourth win for Big Sam’

Now is the time for Sunderland to get both parts of the package right: play well and win rather settling for gallant loser status.

After all the praise heaped on the team for a performance that deserved so much better than a 3-1 defeat, Ian Todd, a name synonymous with the London branch of the SAFC Supporters’ Association, brought us down to earth a little with this tweet …

Since we cannot rely on Jose Mourinho’s charmless, charmlessly led Chelsea to stretch their rotten form to our game at Stamford Bridge on December 19, Ian is right according to all logic to be pessimistic.

That makes home games like Watford on Saturday all the more important as sources of points. On the basis of our form in most of all recent seasons, and the games played under Dick Advocaat this season, this has a worrying layer of banana skin potential. Gone are the days when we could look at the fixtures list and tick off the SoL matches against promoted clubs as home bankers.

Watford have been good, at times very good. If Leicester were not doing spectacularly well, Quique Flores would have been collecting even greater plaudits for his achievements. Six wins and four draws from 15 puts them in 10th place on merit.

But we have recently beaten comparable sides, Crystal Palace and Stoke City, and threatened to upset title challengers at the Emirates. Beating Watford is not beyond us, subject to the usual provisos about discipline, concentration and commitment. And the Arsenal game was a reminder of what happens when you make but don’t take chances.

So Guess the Score. It’s a rollover so all the more reason to have a go. The winner will receive either two mugs, instead of the usual one, from our sponsors Personalised Football Gifts, showing a dressing room scene. The name(s) of your choice go on the No 12 shirt, or a framed print of the same image. I will update this information once I am clear on whether the option is available.

The correct version

Watford supporters are warmly welcome if they wish to enter and if one wins, he or she will receive an appropriate alternative.

Usual rules: be the first to post the correct scoreline before kick off and you win. You must have a UK delivery address amnd Monsieur Salut’s decision is final.

Ha’way the Lads.

Paddy Power
Paddy Power


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20 thoughts on “Sunderland v Watford Guess the Score: can Big Sam grab that fourth win?”

  1. Safc 5 Watford 2!! I actually think 3-1 but that’s gone, so I go with th 5-2 to the lads on the grounds of desperation, both for a mug, but also for the confidence building win!

  2. I am optimistic about this one and feel it will be 2-0 to us. I know that score’s already gone so if my waters are right the mug will be heading Rob’s way.

    A few reflections. Borini’s misses have been disappointing but I think he’ll find form with more playing time. He more or less missed a whole season last year remember and earlier in the season JD missed similar chances but seems sharper now.

    Cattermole and Larsson are the big misses in the current formation as it is their covering play which allows PVA and Jones or Yedlin to attack and not leave the defence exposed. This was Fab’s weakness on Saturday, though had Catts been playing M’Vila would have done the job. Toivonan did well but Watmore is no Cattermole on the left. Both he and Borini bring something different to the formation but twice we got caught out in the right back spot. Seb’s industry just might have been the difference.

    We seem to be going in the right direction but another centre back would seem to be a priority in the January window, as Brown is all we have in reserve there, except of course for the out of favour Roberge and the on loan Vergini. I wonder if Sam has looked at them (assuming we could bring Vergini back if needed). They may not be world beaters but it seems daft to me that they are on the wage bill and not even in the squad when surely both are more natural centre backs than Billy Jones who was handed that role at Everton.

  3. 0 -2 to Watford I’m afraid, unless you get some more help from the refs (Newcastle, Stoke) And you won’t be able to park the bus like you did against Palarse.

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