SuperKev quiz: see how you fare

Salut! Sunderland‘s daily newspaper of choice, when not in France, is The Guardian, just as its preferred Sunday read is The Observer. It would love there to be a whole day without Graun suits warning of cutbacks and crisis (OK, that’s an exaggeration; a whole month would be fairer.).

But for now, let us just repeat one or two of the questions posed in today’s Guardian on a subject close to our hearts: Kevin Phillips.

It would be wrong to reproduce the whole quiz – not that such an impediment would put off every website we could think of – but probably acceptable to offer some of those most readily applicable to Sunderland supporters. Follow the link* to see the quiz in full:

Phillips made his England debut against Hungary at Wembley in 1999. Which other Sunderland player at the time joined him in the match day squad?

Jody Craddock

Nicky Summerbee

Michael Gray

Gavin McCann

Phillips was the Premier League top scorer in the the 1999-00 season, winning the European Golden Boot in the process. How many goals did he score in that season?





In the 2000-01 season Phillips scored 14 goals for Sunderland, where did the Black Cats finish in the league that season?





How many goals did Phillips score for England?





How much did Sunderland pay for Kevin Phillips when they bought him from Watford in 1997?





* See the SuperKev quiz in full at this link

Monsieur Salut

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3 thoughts on “SuperKev quiz: see how you fare”

  1. He’s really terrific….i think he deserve to be love by the people..He’s really aggressive in all his goal.Such a great video.

  2. I tried it earlier and scored 10/10!!!!

    The question, though, about his first goal (for Southampton) I did get lucky – my answer was a complete guess!

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