Haway! It’s awards time again with Bournemouth, Middlesbrough, Swansea making early running

Jake: ‘with thanks to all opposing fans who participate’

Monsieur Salut introduces our annual HAWAY awards, with thanks to the supporters of all clubs played by Sunderland in league and cup this season who contributed to the series …

Cinema does it with Oscars, BAFTAs, Cannes and the rest. Pop has the Brits and Grammys. Salut! Sunderland brings you the HAWAYS, honouring the best interviews with opposing fans – the Highly Articulate Who are You? awards.

We are delighted once again to have a trio of generous sponsors. The rough-and-ready shortlist is with judges but I shall extend the process this year to allow a popular vote, using the same criteria including the fact that my suggestions are intended as no more than a guide.

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Beauties and beasts: (1) a 1990s home winner among SAFC shirts

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Check out their site at http://bit.ly/1ZNPCJA

Fancy writing about a Sunderland top that brings back memories good or bad, beautiful or ugly, or amusing? Have a look at the possibilities at the Classic Football Shirts site. You may worn some of them. Or sworn at them. If you can put your impressions or recollections into words, anything from 200 to 600-700, contact us at Salut! Sunderland

Salut! Sunderland introduces a new series to which all readers are invited to offer contributions.

We all have our favourite SAFC shirts from the seasons we have supported the club, or even from seasons before we were born.

I still wear the 1937 FA Cup final replica top occasionally and I solemnly promise I was not there, though we did once have a Who are You? interviewee whose dad was in the crowd to see us beat PNE, who had to make do without Jordan Pickford, 3-1.

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The Salut! Sunderland 3m hits competition. Nearly there

Help Salut! Sunderland: visit this site and, if you like what you see, buy
Help Salut! Sunderland by visiting the Classic Football Shirts at http://bit.ly/1ZNPCJA

As one door closes, another opens. Personalised Football Gifts, the Weardale-based supplier of fine mugs to winners of our regular Guess the Score competition, has decided the time has come to end the arrangement. Quite simply, not enough readers followed links to their site so it is hardly a decision we can quarrel with. A winner of this week’s Arsenal v SAFC competition will still receive a mug. As a mark of appreciation of their sponsorship over the past couple of years, we have offered to keep the company’s ad on the site until the end of the season. Thanks to Ian, Hazel, Helen and, until his departure from the company, Alan, for all their support … and now let’s move on with Classic Football Shirts

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SAFC v Aston Villa Guess the Score: anything between nil-nil and tens apiece!


The classic 'dressing room' mug. If a Villa fan wins the design will reflect their own allegiance
The classic ‘dressing room’ mug. If a Villa fan wins the design will reflect their own allegiance
Competition time again. First news of two winners. Malcolm Ray not only came up with the correct score for the Liverpool game he also appears to have Russell Grant like superpowers. Here’s what he wrote “0-1 defeat – will defend well with just the one almighty blooper whilst yet again not being able to find out where the opponent’s goal is.” Can’t get more spot on than that. Two mugs (it was a roll over) courtesy of Weardale based company Personalised Football Gifts will be winging their way to him as soon as M Salut gets over his New Year sickness bug. If you’d like to have a go at winning one then enter your prediction in the comments section below. In the event of two or more correct predictions the first correct scoreline recorded on the site will be the winner (whether or not you are a first time poster and have to wait for your entry to be approved) and M Salut’s decision as always will be final. Fans of both clubs are welcome to enter and the design of the shirts will be changed to the Claret and Blue should a Villa fan prevail. With two leaky defences and two misfiring attacks it could be anywhere between nowts apiece and ten all.

Meanwhile, the winner of a £50 voucher from the Classic Football Shirts competition in which Sunderland supporters were asked to name the Club’s top scorer went to none other than our own Jake, a Spanish based supporter and supplier of the majority of the graphics you see on the site, who came up with the correct answer of Bobby Guerney. Unlike those of us who contribute the words, he was eligible to enter and Salut! Sunderland had nothing to do with the selection process. Other entrants should have received a voucher entitling them to £5 off any purchase. Take a look at their website and you’ve just got time to check out their pre New Year’s Day sales on Twitter and Facebook.

To enter the competition

As Sunderland face Chelsea, meet our Weardale connection and name SAFC’s top scorer

Let us introduce you to our Guess the Score sponsors

The buildup to Chelsea v SAFC has begun with Guess the Score. Soon there’ll be another of our ‘Who are You?’ interviews. For now, though, some ideas for late Christmas shopping with a Sunderland flavour …

In an ideal world,
Salut! Sunderland would have is own busy sales department, teams of people beavering away to dispatch SAFC-related merchandise to all corners of the world and keep Sixer, Jake and the rest of us in a style to which we are not accustomed.

But that ideal is beyond us. Our modest forays into the field were amateurish, far too time-consuming to justify the effort and, in the end, spectacularly unsuccessful.

Along the way, however, we have managed to attract those who are good at this kind of thing to sponsor our competitions and, in a few cases, advertise with us. So it is time for Salut! Sunderland to return the favour.

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