Sixer Says: disappointments vs Burnley, Atherton Collieries, Everton and for SAFC Ladies

Pete Sixsmith was among the tens of thousands who gave a miss to Sunderland vs Burnley. Oh what they missed. Sixer’s comeuppance came when the match he chose instead ended with a heavy defeat in the FA Vase for Shildon. the first team M Salut and almost certainly he saw in their County Durham boyhoods. Next day, he dutifully attended Sunderland Under 23s against Everton and still could get a win … there’s just a passing, sorrowful reference to the plight of SAFC Ladies; read more at this Sunderland Echo link

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Sixer’s Sentiments: romance versus reality as FA Vase final given a miss

Sixer - and all other images - by Jake

Pete Sixsmith has cast the fnal votes in judging for the 2012 ‘Who are You?’ awards and it can be revealed that they have made all the difference. That, however, is for later; this is his last preview of a Sunderland match this season and it takes in another important game, West Auckland Town versus Dunston UTS at a location Pete decided was only the next best thing to the SoL on Sunday …

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Salut!’s week: relief at Bolton, revenge for Chamakh, respect for Wolves

Salut! Sunderland looks forward in all senses to the last home game of the season, when we expect no slacking despite our affection for Wolverhampton Wanderers and our desire for them to stay up (though 5-2 again would be rubbing it in; 1-0 will do). And we look back over a week that started well. This is the weekly digest of Salut! Sunderland‘s efforts to inform, amuse and inspire …

For once – well, twice or three times in the past four months – we began the week in happy frame of mind.

The last-gasp winner at Bolton was exactly what the doctor ordered and given Sunderland’s appalling run not only of form but of luck, we need apologise to no one about the merits or otherwise, as described by Owen Coyne, of those three priceless points.

There was plenty to read here about that match. And there was, as usual, more to get stuck into as the week went on. Click on the sub-heading for any item that appeals if you want to read more or read again.

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Wembley Soapbox: Whitley Bay beat Coalville and I hug a Mag

Most Salut! Sunderland readers are aware that Pete Sixsmith‘s extracurricular activities extend beyond taking the lower sixth on school trips to taking in an awful lot of non-league football. This is his Wembley diary from a glorious day out watching Whitley Bay beat Coalville Town to win the FA Vase …

See also: Sitting on my hands as Whitley Bay beat Coalville to FA Vase

0600 The day is wet, the cat is out and I have slept well, having eventually seen Sulley Muntari’s goal on Match of the Day. Sandwiches made and bag packed for a trip to the FA Vase final at Wembley – Whitley Bay v Coalville Town.

Board the train for Doncaster. Quiet coach isn’t, as there are many young Whitley Bay fans who are getting giddier by the mile. One dad says: “Calm down, George. Have a can of coke and some sweets.” Child spontaneously combusts south of York.

Having purchased a split journey ticket and saved £22 as a result, I board the Hull Trains flyer to Kings Cross. This time the Quiet Coach really is and I have the satisfaction of seeing the ticket collector scrutinising my Senior Railcard.

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Soapbox: hailing Blyth Spartans, hating the Crawley love-in

Whatever happened to the FA Cup? Pete Sixsmith poses the question before bursting the romantic bubble enclosing Crawley Town and thanking heavens for two lowlier competitions in which not just Blyth but Gateshead, Dunston UTS and Whitley Bay are carrying the flag for the North East…

Well, there’s another Saturday gone without a Sunderland game kicking off at 3pm.

It looks like the next two at Everton and Arsenal should be at the usual time, but who can tell with Sky and ESPN?

No doubt many Sunderland fans spent their afternoons in the pub, with the approval of Niall Quinn.
This whole situation regarding folk watching on Greek or Albanian channels has been very interesting.

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