Just the ticket for Chelsea, or lamb to the slaughter


We await news of Pete Sixsmith’s weekend with interest. Did he get to a game, any game? In the meantime here’s a heartwarming tale of human kindness …

When you’ve travelled all the way from Toronto hoping to catch a Sunderland win at home to Bolton Wanderers, it must seem a mixed blessing when the consolation for that game’s postponement is an unexpected ticket for Chelsea away.

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Sunderland up to sixth top? Yes, but only the fans

We promised occasional updates on how Sunderland fans were faring in the Sky Sports 92 Fans’ League. The video tells you all you need to know about it but we’re doing OK: up to sixth now, behind Leeds (top), Norwich, Liverpool, Chelsea and West Ham. Sign up and help us climb even higher. The piece below is a reminder of how it started at Salut! Sunderland – and on this depressingly footie-free – SAFC footie that is – Saturday, have a look round our site if you are new to it (scroll up and down the sidebars for links) …

Imagine it. You support Chelsea, Arsenal, Man United or Liverpool. You’ve followed them for ever, or rather since you were old enough to work out they were quite good and won a lot. You may even have been to the city where they play.

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