Salut! Week: from Dylan and Middlesbrough to hope eternal

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Another Saturday morning review of the week as seen by Salut! Sunderland

Martin O’Neill’s dramatic last-gasp win in his first game as manager set us up for a great week for banter and upbeat thought.

Whatever happens at Spurs tomorrow afternoon – and no pundit is likely to give us a hope – we have seen reason to believe better times may lie ahead.

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‘Canny for a lass’. Football, Dylan and me

Let this be the first of many articles from Hilary Fawcett. The comment sections of Salut! Sunderland invariably look more elegant when our female readers weigh in with opinion on all things Sunderland AFC. As a huge fan of Bob Dylan as well as the club, Hilary would be furious if I were to say his songs sound more elegant when performed by others. Here, then, is the first in a new series of The Fawcett Saga …

Those of you who have read my posted comments might have picked up that alongside my keen support for SAFC, I also have a passion for Bob Dylan. Among many of my female friends, my twin obsessions are greeted with sighs and eye-rolling.

Often isolated in my enthusiasms, I have attempted to connect with fellow obsessives, attending Bob Dylan fan meetings only to find myself a lonely female surrounded by men waving endless lists of songs and competing over ownership of bootleg vinyl.

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