Sunderland home kits: the good, the acceptable and the downright ugly history

Thomas MM Henry’s famous painting, SAFC vs Aston Villa 1895. Red and white stripes, well, because it’s (nearly) always been that way!

Matthew Warburton, writer and Sunderland fan, looks back at the striped but also – figuratively – chequered history of the SAFC home kit …

Sunderland AFC have been around for a long time; since 1879, as any properly educated schoolboy would tell you.

As fans, we’re quite proud to say that the home kit hasn’t changed too much since the early days of the club’s history. Although the first few seasons the team wore navy blue, since 1884, it’s all been about the red and white. Here we look back through time at Sunderland’s home kit.

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Sunderland’s headlong descent and the destruction of hopes, dreams and passion

Abigail with Barry and Martin at PN; she saw us avoid defeat there

Let it be made clear that grandparents cannot be held responsible for what happens, provided lawful, between their sons and daughters and their grandchildren.

So Barry Emmerson must not feel personally culpable because his son, Martin, took 10-year-old Abigail, known to Salut! Sunderland readers, to her first Sunderland game after a recent dip in enthusiasm. The game Abigail chose was Villa at home … she describes the experience here while walking home with her dad after the score went to 0-3. And now Barry, responding to Pete Sixsmith’s eloquent portrayal of death barely warmed up, tells of the anguish it left him feeling

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