Sixer Says: on your way Jose Mourinho

Jake: 'sometimes you just have to meddle in other people's business'
Jake: ‘sometimes you just have to meddle in other people’s business’
Malcolm Dawson writes……Don’t tell the kids but Pete Sixsmith is often busy at this time of year spreading joy and happiness throughout the North East, dishing out all sorts of goodies from his sack. And today Jose Mourinho also got the sack although I can’t remember the last time I saw him spread any joy and happiness around. They say it was by mutual consent and at this time of peace and goodwill maybe that’s a way of sorting out the financial settlement owing to him. Pete has his own views on events at the Bridge and he’s not frightened to share them.


The second item on the Six O’Clock News tonight featured a middle aged man based in London falling out with a motley group of Europeans and ending up walking away. But enough of David Cameron and his travails with the massed ranks of the EU political leaders; the first item was the end of The Special One.

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In partial defence of Chelsea’s Mourinho – and awe of Gareth Bale

How Jose Mourinho must have salivated
at that Gareth Bale goal for his old boys, Real Madrid, and wished he had a player remotely capable of similar at Chelsea FC.

But it’s all very well for Sunderland supporters to mock. After all, we may not have many points but we have got Adam Johnson, Connor Wickham and Fabio Borini. They only have the likes of Demba Ba and Eden Hazard.

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Newcastle, Aston Villa and that shrinking feeling

We had some lively banter here last week with Villa fans on the essentially unimportant matter of who supports the bigger club. See it here. At least Villans don’t live in a part of the West Midlands with such an alarmingly shrinking population as poor old Newcastle seems to have. But what on earth do they make of their club’s latest attempt to lure a world-class new manager? …

Having failed to secure the services of a manager who very nearly took his team down, Aston Villa are reported to be taking the process one logical step further.

The new Villa target is evidently Alex McLeish who got quite a lot right at Birmingham City – that great run in the 2009-2010 season, and winning the Carling Cup last season – but managed to get one rather important thing very wrong indeed.

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Soapbox: Mourinho’s Inter Milan – just like watching Blackpool


Almost a blank Saturday? Pete Sixsmith found no football to tempt him to a ground yesterday, but was so taken with what he heard and saw from Wembley and the Santiago Bernabeu that he became quite confused. Was that Ormerod or Milito who scored Blackpool’s playoff winner? See if you spotted the same similarities between yesterday’s triumphant sides …

Well that was my first blank Saturday for a while. I resisted the temptation of Newcastle University v Shankhouse in the Northern Alliance and spent a non football ground-attending day doing other things.

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