The Salut! Sunderland karaoke competition won’t go away

Mid-chorus? Jake captures the Man of the Moment

Not sure what Fraizer Campbell’s is, or even what he’s doing here except that he does have musical kin. Mine is the Human League’s
Don’t You Want Me? Jon Guy’s is It’s Not Unusual. James Stevenson belts out Alice Cooper’s Poison. Vince Richardson loathes karaoke but once succumbed in South Shields and offered the suitably modified Daydream Believer to wind up some Mags. Hilary has to be drunk but will do Respect or Islands in the Stream while Joan, if given flight tickets to Hong Kong and a private karaoke cabin on arrival, can get all the way through the long version of American Pie. And you? What is your karaoke song or party piece?

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How to beat Fulham (the longer answer than ‘score more goals’))


Let us hope our wish was granted and that beating Sofia 1-0 softened Fulham up. In a detailed assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of our Sunday opponents, based on watching the Fulham game before Sofia, a fellow subscriber to the Blackcats list, Jim Minton, gives us hope that we can do something about our atrocious away form – but also warns about the minefields. He is less forthcoming on the subject of Korean karaoke …

It was my dubious pleasure to watch Fulham v Bolton last weekend in the company of a group of gentlemen who thought it would be a good idea to kick off a stag weekend watching Clint Dempsey slugging it out against Gavin McCann from the corporate boxes at Craven Cottage.

Anyway, rather than digressing into tales of late night karaoke in a Korean bar in Soho and how my rendition of Since You’ve Been Gone came to cruelly curtailed for public health reasons – which is how the stag weekend ended – I thought I’d offer my thoughts on our opponents for Sunday.

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