Scottish Soapbox: class in Kilmarnock, now for beauty in Burnley?

Better late than never, Pete Sixsmith reflects on his trip over the border …

A favourite quiz question was “Name three senior clubs who play at grounds named after other sports?” One of them went when Derby left The Baseball Ground, another when Wrexham’s Racecourse became a non-league stadium, leaving Kilmarnock’s Rugby Park the sole remaining part of the poser.

It is a decent stadium, with an old grandstand and three modern “throw them up quickly” stands. The current capacity is 18,000 (not challenged on Tuesday night) whereas the old standing ground was double that. It was quite a recent record as well, for a SFA Cup tie with Rangers in 1962, which they lost 2-4.

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Kilmarnock 1 Sunderland 2: Sess again, Wickham off mark

Not the toughest of pre-season opposition but good to record a win all the same. And 399 SAFC supporters were counted among the 2,333 crowd.

Thanks to the combined efforts of the live text team, and Mr Peter Sixsmith of this parish, I knew fairly quickly that we had taken the lead at Kilmarnock and soon after the end that we had beaten them 2-1.

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Soapbox: on to Kilmarnock & Burnley as the summer starts here

Well, that’s the retirement malarkey over and done with. Thursday at work was an emotional day, culminating in the presentation of a framed, signed photograph of the 1973 FA Cup winning side. It is now replete on my living room wall, sandwiched between a photo of Niall Quinn and another of Marco, rolling the second goal past Fat Burridge in 1990.

The day on the Trans-Pennine Ale Trail went swimmingly. If the old maxim “A man can be judged by the quality of his friends”, then I must rank somewhere between the Dalai Lama and MK Gandhi as a truly wonderful person.

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