Fulham vs SAFC Who are You?: ‘I named a cactus after Lee Clark’

Joe at the Cottage
It’s that time of year. Salut! Sunderland is asking people to judge the best interviews of the season in our Who are You? series. If you want to have your say, and remember interviews you especially liked, just send your first three in order, and maybe add a comment on why you’ve made those choices. Do it as a comment below or write to this e-mail address
Joe Jenkins, our Fulham interviewee, is a mate so maybe I shouldn’t vote for him. But if I decide I can, he might pick up points from me – it’s a gem …

Lee Clark. ‘My mistake: not the t-shirt but leaving Newcastle for Sunderland’

Hero and villain

Only Peter Reid and Lee Clark, and perhaps whoever served them at the Yarm Country Club, know for sure whether it really took five shared bottles of champagne to persuade the Wallsend-born midfielder to join Sunderland from his beloved Newcastle United.

That is what I recall Reid saying happened in an interview at the time. But whatever the truth of the 1997 booze-up recruitment meeting, it will come as little surprise to Sunderland supporters that Clark now regards the move as a mistake.

Having helped us to promotion, he then chose to wear a t-shirt bearing the slogan “Sad Mackem Bastards” at the 1999 FA Cup final, which he attended as a NUFC fan (they lost to Man Utd).

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Sixer’s Midweek Meander: Birmingham 0 Sunderland 3

Sixer, right in Irish green. with the more conventionally attired Sobs
Sixer, right in Irish green. with the more conventionally attired Sobs

John McCormick writes: The gods of football are conspiring against me at the moment and I’m finding it hard to even plan for a game. Not so Pete Sixsmith, who has managed to fit in home, away, friendly, non-league, rugby league, cricket league and probably ┬áSunday league into a season that’s hardly started.

That’s ┬ánot enough, however, so last night he made the trip to Birmingham for the League Cup and saw us negotiate what could have been a tricky encounter:

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