Magpies, Mackems and mugs: another flyer hits the dust

Rob helpfully added the prop

M Salut is heading along the road to join a 45,000-strong crowd watching Coldplay warm up for the SoL with a concert in Nice. While he’s away at the gig, you can come up with a prize-winning gag …

What is it with magpies and Kent? Perhaps some less ornitholologically challenged reader of Salut! Sunderland can explain why they keep falling from the skies, usually right in front of our friend Rob.

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Two for joy? Salut to miss the Magpies twice

MagpiesTony Hisgett

Yesterday’s encouraging news about David Meyler – out for 10 weeks but no new rupture to his knee ligament, which would have meant much longer or even threatened his career – is a great send-off for M Salut, who is off on holiday …

It is not often we play the Mags twice in eight days or – thinking of the way Pete Sixsmith referred to Notts Co in his lovely piece about today’s FA Cup game – the ‘Pies one week, the Mags the next.

And of course, if we stumble later today without quite falling, there may be a third game against black and whites during Monsieur Salut’s badly timed absence from Blighty and these pages. Anyone for a replay at Meadow Lane?

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