Pantilimon and WBA’s Berahino: Graham Poll clears the keeper, we say sorry

Jake: 'M Salut's feeling a bit contrite, Costel'
Jake: ‘M Salut’s feeling a bit contrite, Costel’

It is possible to believe Costel Pantilimon needs to be much more assertive in the goalmouth, and to deal much more safely with crosses and long-range shots, but also acknowledge – however belatedly – that the West Bromwich Albion goal on Saturday was indeed the result of a foul. Or even two fouls.

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The Robson Report: Atkinson’s Arsenal shocker is last straw for me

Jeremy Robson: 'Up with this I will no longer put'
Jeremy Robson: ‘Up with this I will no longer put’

Jeremy Robson wears heart on sleeve and is undeniably one for the dramatic gesture. Most of us tore out what hair we might have had in despair at Martin Atkinson’s appalling decision not to play the advantage rule when Jozy Altidore ‘scored’ on Saturday. Along with the decision to award Sagna a yellow and not a red, when he had demonstrably denied a goalscoring opportunity, it was without question the sort of moment that decides the outcome of matches. Then we got on with life. Sadly, for Jeremy (and Monsieur Salut disagrees completely with him on this), it was indicative of something rotten at the heart of the game, a game on which he says he is now turning his back … should we start preparing for the grand comeback tour?

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Soapbox at Stoke: Pulis enraged, fails to engage brain

Another gem from Jake

Pete Sixsmith slogged back from Stoke, happiness at the well-won points a little offset by the rigours of seven hours on the road to get home. He reckons it was just after midnight, his text suggested just before; either way, it was beyond the call of duty or even love and his exemplary matchday assessment – a posting that would normally be held until Monday – deserves to go up immediately …

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SAFC 2 Stoke City 0: winning points outrageously

Image: addick.tedKevin

On top but wobbly. That was the essence of the text messages from the Stadium of Light. Great to secure three points, but television replays show just how wobbly it was …

Salut! Sunderland rattles on week after week about cheating and is among the first to whinge when appalling decisions cost Sunderland points.

Arsenal fans, some of them, came here in self-righteous indignation when, week after week, we asked opposing fans in our Who Are You? feature the Eduardo Question – essentially are you ashamed when one of yours cheats? Our questionnaire before each game still includes a question on the same subject.

But we cannot have it both ways, and we don’t.

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