Fabio Borini: Liverpool, Sunderland, QPR … the authorised version

The world and his dog have a view on the Fabio Borini affair. My own is well known: he is not paid to be a Sunderland supporter but for being a professional footballer, and must be allowed to
make his own choices, but I do bitterly regret all the wasted effort to bring him back when it was clear all along he’d sooner take a break from active football. Even those Sunderland supporters who profess not to care too much that this, indeed, is the outcome express a view merely by saying just that. What of Borini himself? And Liverpool fans? It is likely we still know only part of the story of how he now comes to be kicking his heels at Anfield with, apparently, little real prospect of breaking into the team on Brendan Rodgers’s present thinking.

Well, Borini read the article we reproduce today from the excellently written Liverpool fan site The Anfied Wrap and gave it the seal of approval you see above. So step forward the author, Neil Atkinson, from whom we have heard before, with an introduction followed, with his consent, by the piece itself …

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Crosstalk: Salut! Sunderland speaks to The Anfield Wrap about Liverpool’s Jordan Henderson

Jake on the art of communication

Stephen Goldsmith writes: I have defended the abilities of Jordan Henderson as a footballer to quite an extent since his big money move to Anfield a year ago. If you believe your opinion is accurate regarding something, you are likely to express it and fully believe in it if you feel it is necessary to do so.

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