Goldy’s Logic: how Olympics athletes had it cushy compared with unloved footballers

Jake salutes the golden prose

Everyone has been saying how nice it was to see happy, smiling, approachable Olympics competitors instead of those surly, monosyllabic footballers. Without quite suggesting sainthoods for best fan-avoidance technique – hoods, Ipods, earphones, shades, lowered heads – Stephen Goldsmith offers some balancing thoughts …

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Goldy’s logic: Olympics euphoria – football’s pariahs

With a record haul of gold medals apart from when rope climbing, tug of war and ballroom dancing were de rigueur in the Olympic Games, Stephen Goldsmith wonders why the public and press alike love to love our cyclists, rowers, dressage riders and triathletes while despising those involved in ‘the beautiful game’ …

Stephen Goldsmith thinks about his latest post Olympic tweet

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